Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Siphal Ground, A Neighboring Ground of DWIT, Well Serves the Local Sport Enthusiasts

By Anish Thakuri

Photo Courtesy: Kundan Shumsher Rana From the very beginning of settlement time, the craze and love for sports has been deeply rooted among the people of Kathmandu valley. Be it the ground of Tundikhel or the small narrow road of any area, we can observe people enjoying different games roaming here and there. Indeed, sports have helped people remain connected to each other. But, with the growing urbanization in Kathmandu valley, the likes of indoor games have slightly overshadowed the beauty of outdoor games in recent years.  However, there are some grounds in our valley that have retained their glamour and have also helped maintain the charm of outdoor games. We are going for the neighborhood ground of DWIT, the Siphal ground. Siphal ground carries a long history dating back to Rana regime and is still one of the popular grounds of the valley. Located at Siphal chowk, the ground covers 13 ropanies of land. The ground is well known as as ‘Siphal Chaur’ in local language. The square shaped ground is favorable for the all sorts of sports. Due to the presence of Goal posts at both ends of the ground, it is primarily famous for football. Apart from football, cricket, volleyball and many other games are also played in the ground. The ground also comprises of small basketball court and a table tennis board. A large portion of the ground belongs to Pasuphati Development Trust while the basketball court and table tennis board are on the ownership of Bhandarkhal Jungle which is also listed in the World Heritage List. Major portion of the ground is covered by the sand. Different sports tournaments are organized on the ground, including some major as well as local tournaments.  One of the major anticipated tournaments organized is ‘Ganesh Man Singh Smirity Cup’. Recently, a 6-A side football tournaments were organized. The ground is being managed by the local club called 'Nava Jiban Youth Club'. The club has taken full responsibility of the ground. The club carries various cleaning / sanitation programs. It collects funds and donations from different sources and adds different infrastructure to the existing ground. The club has future plans for the improvement of ground.  The club president, Pratik  Shrestha says, "Our  club is planning to surround the ground with brick walls and add a parapet for the audience in the near future".  According to him, the plan was formulated a long time back but due to the lack of support from the government, the task couldn’t get started. The club has also organized several tournaments on the ground. People need to contact the club if they want to play games there. The rates are not fixed officially, but they usually charge NRs. 1050 per football match. For other games, the club charges on an hourly basis. The ground can also be booked for different training purposes as per the rate fixed by the club. Besides, the club also manages nets, referees, linesmen and other necessary equipment as per the requirements.  Also, certain rules regarding behavior and moral duty are to be followed. Siphal ground could be the best option for those who are tired from the Futsal and other indoor sports. Perhaps, it might be the finest location for the DWIT Sports Club to organize Sports events.