Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Sinus and Me

By Shila Parajuli

I could not give my exams. Yes, the reason was not because I was in a hurry to return home in this difficult situation of the country. I could not attend exams simply due to sinus infection. Simply? K Yes, many of them said you are skipping exams just due to common cold. Damn! How would they know what the problem is? Sinus is certainly not Simple! How could I appear in exams when dozens of antibiotics were not working on me? Because I could not bow down my head due to infection, so it was very difficult for me to write. How would I stop my sneezing if someone entered inside exam hall carrying a fragrance stick .How would I get pass that moment when I would neither write nor stop sneezing? And hence, I emailed college administration requesting for a sick leave. I emailed each day thinking that I may get better the next day, but then I again had to email next day again, mentioning the same thing. I had a fear thinking whether they would believe me. And then, I said to myself, be optimistic, be like a proton and stay positive! I have chronic sinus and it’s more than common cold. You never know when your head suddenly bursts. A sudden spasm in head and I have to rush to teachers room or library to sleep. And my mail would be like:

Hello Sir, I was not feeling well. So could not attend your class today. I am sorry for not informing beforehand. Sincerely, Shila Parajuli
And when some of my friends would ask me, “What happened? Why did you suddenly go out of class? Are you fine?” I would reply saying, “I got cold allergy or dust allergy or something like that.” And they would start laughing. I then felt deep inside: “If you don’t know about what I’m saying then don’t you dare to laugh!”