Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Why Silent Now??

By Dipesh Poudel

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Nepal was supposed to get a constitution on Magh 8 2071 B.S (22 January 2015) but sadly that did not happen. There were many pressure groups organizing different events to put pressure on the constituent assembly to formulate a new constitution. Unfortunately the constitution was not drafted because of dispute between big political parties and now the date has been extended and those pressure group are now silent.

We have a bad habit of doing everything on the last minute. Same was the case with the pressure groups and their various events. Lots of young people were shouting and jumping on streets outside constituent assembly hall on Magh 8. Now everyone is silent. Organizing events to give pressure to constitution assembly after being sure that the constitution will not be formulated does not mean anything. Those sorts of events should be conducted from the very beginning. Now we need to learn from our mistakes and start pressuring the constituent assembly so that we get a new constitution on time.

There were events like strikes that made everyone’s life difficult. Putting pressure on a certain organization does not mean that we need to make everyone’s life difficult. We do not need to organize an event like ‘Nepal banda’ that makes everyone’s life difficult. People are already suffering. There is no need to add  more suffering by organizing strikes. Our economy is feeble as it is, strikes can only worsen the situation.

It is not that no events were conducted from the early stages. There were some organizations giving pressure from the very beginning, but that is  not enough. To make sure that the constitution is drafted on time, we all need to stand up and do anything that we can do from our position to make sure that the life given by the brave martyrs does not go in vain.