Thu, 01 Jun, 2023


By Iris Raj Pokharel

Hypocrisy, the term that describes the world as it is now.

Being frank, all of our lives as a whole in a nutshell is hypo critic. What overwhelms us the most? The probable answer is silence. We like being silent. Being ruled by the dictators like Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin might be the reason behind us being silent. We are brought up from that scenario. My point is, it is fair to be silent in the place where we actually need to be but it is never the solution. People might confuse my point and think that I am indicating that violence is a solution, but what I am actually trying to say is that you should better be violent rather than portray an unusual silence.

Life comes once and it itself is a platform for expressing yourself to the fullest. You might be wrong at some point but it’s sometime good to be wrong than to be lone deep down in the heart. Mediocrity, a term that basically clarifies the people’s condition in the present context. Being silent in itself is living a mediocre life. You need to rise above it. Being silent for me is adding an insult to injury. The part which is affected most by the word ‘silence’ is among the feminist. I won’t go that far. Taking example of my own country, most of the females here are the great victim of silence. Most of the female here live in the life of silence without dropping a single word of wisdom. I don’t blame them either. The way we are brought up in our society, female are always dominated. Before 2007 female participation in social and political activities were just limited. After that year some opportunities were created but one thing that was still alive in women’s’ heart was fear. The current scenario still shows that the world is not safe for women. The cases of abduction, rape are still fresh which keeps most of the women silent. They need an assurance of being welcomed in society as an integral part of it but who’s going to provide them that assurance? There is a need of stronger helping hand that can guide women. Our constitution has implemented many laws to encourage women involvement but that is just a small drop in the bucket of water. Talking about academicals, it is also one of the reasons behind the silence of the people. In a country like ours only those with higher qualification are prioritized. People don’t fraternize with the one who is weak in academics but is good in skills. Well, the law that we follow is not always right. At some time you need to get against the law to achieve what’s best for you and to keep the momentum going. Like people say ‘we need to let our freak flag flying no matter how stronger the wind blows’. You need to work hard and show the world your values and morals. We live in a country where opportunity barely knocks at the door, and it will be a total disgrace if people, instead of finding one, keep themselves in isolation. At least we don’t face the problem like the people in Middle East are facing. A good community is built with the people bearing high moral character. At least emphasizing your capabilities and getting down to the brass tacks will helps to remove the black shadows of silence among us.

Sean Penn said ‘There's a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged.’ ‘Don’t let yourself be the ignored one. Be an inspiration to the coming generation, make the world a different place, a place of people with fulfilled dreams, a place of non-violence. Create a legacy and see how the world legitimizes your presence and power.