Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Shree Krishna Janmastami

By Ashmita Kunwar

Krishna Janmastami is the ecstatic celebration of lord Krishna’s birth. This festival fall on 8th day of Krishna Pakshya on the month of Shravan according to Hindu calendar and on the month of August-September according to western calendar. This festival is copiously dedicated to lord Krishna.

Krishna was the 8th son of princess Devaki and Basudev, on the basis of scriptural astrological calculations, the date of Krishna’s birth is known as Janmashtami. He lived for 125 years and disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC on the new moon night of Phalguna. His death was the arrival of the current corrupt age known as Kaliyug.

The main objective of the Krishna’s birth was to kill his maternal uncle demon King Kansa, to free Mother earth from the wickedness of the demons. He also played an important role in Mahavarat and proliferating the theory of good bhakti and good karma.

Lord Krishna is different; he interacts in unique, casino online personal ways with each of his devotees who worship him. He is considered as the most attractive, mischievous son, most romantic lover, and the most kindhearted friend. Devotees celebrate Krishna in all aspects, and in response Krishna reciprocates individually accordingly in the same way they worship Krishna on Janmashtami.

Hindus celebrate Janmastami with great zeal. They celebrate by fasting and staying up until midnight. They stay up to midnight as it is believed that he was born at midnight. People keep the images of Krishna’s infancy in swings and cradles in the temples and also in their homes. As, midnight is considered the most accurate time , therefore, all the devotees gather at midnight for holy songs, dance and exchange gift. Some of them read Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita.

In Nepal, majority of people follow the Hindu religion, and they celebrate Krishna Janmastami with great fervor. In this occasion the temples of lord Krishna are decorated and chants are heard, people march the streets with music and dance, creating a sense of community. The Krishna Mandir in Patan Darbar Square is the center for Krishna Janmastami.

Krishnan Janmashtami is of great value to those who believe in God. It is believed that whatever we offer to the lord Krishna on his birthday with love and pure heart, he will reciprocate with love. We will benefit unlimitedly, and those benefits will stay forever with us.