Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Shortcomings and Future Plans of the DWIT News

By Ashmita Kunwar

We do not desire to be restrained in the place where we are at present; being qualified in certain things and not moving forward for more progress in life is not the human character. To achieve more and more in life and to strive for accomplishing our dreams, future plans, and expectations are significant.  Because of the dreams that humans see and the progress that humans make in life, we are here in this 21st century with laptops on our hands to scribble our feelings. DWIT News Club is not just only a club, but it is our dream, pride, a reflection of our handwork and the coordination of our group.  Our group members meet to explore the continuing route. It looks as if  we started it yesterday, but it has already crossed 25th edition and we are proud of that. News articles are written and put in public platform for the others to read. The writers want others to read their articles, want others to comment on them; it does not matter whether they criticize their writing or appreciate it, but the team wants others to read the articles on the site. This is what we lack in our articles. We don’t have viewers to follow our news site, although, it is our college news site, it is disheartening to say the least that students among us don’t read a single article posted weekly by their own college. It is far beyond the imagination to think outsiders to follow our site when students themselves don’t care about it. This makes us feel that it is worthless writing articles every week. There is no motivation for us to write articles. We want more and more followers which is power for us to write more. Though, we have some problems at present, we have a lot of dreams for our news club. Our college is an IT College, we want to link everything with technology. Mobile apps are very common these days as each one of us use Smartphones. In upcoming days, we are planning to make a mobile app for our site so that it can be more popular and easy to access.  Moreover, we want to have paper printout of our news and publish it in different IT colleges of Kathmandu.  Money is the basic necessity these days, when we take a single step outside the door there is the need of money.  Consequently, we want our college to provide us with a budget  so that we can move to outer world, explore more and write articles. We need to write article every week, within the given deadline , and coming up with better and all-encompassing materials require us to venture outside of the campus premises. These are the future plans for our club to make it more popular., We are the 1st college in Nepal to publish weekly news by the students. We require each one of you to help us in your own way. It would be great motivation for us if you at least read our articles and comment on it, we hope for it. Also if there are any suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you for reading! These are the problem and the future plan for the club and we will do it what we have planned for.