Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

She and I

By Sujan Bista

The last seat was reserved And the micro moved. She was close by me, Funning with earphone.   I asked  to share fun, But Her melody wasn't of my type. Though  I am funning, With my sluggish way She asked  for rest, In my lap.   I started  disturbing, by poking her nose. I wanted to awaken her. And she replied me by her sharp pinch. It didn't crick me, Instead, it cheered me.   The hilly craggy road, Made the micro bubbled And the passenger too. I was befuddled To hold myself or her? I visualized her illness And clinched her, Throughout the journey.   The journey ended, with a sound smile And a healthy bye.

About Author:
Sujan Bista is  Master’s student of Social Work at Central Department of Social Work, Tribhuwan University. His interests include Social work, Politics, Economics and Literature.