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The Shark: A Short Animation by DWIT Student

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Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

Computer Animation is gaining a lot of hype at present due to the emergence and development of technologies which weren’t available in the past. A lot of people are interested in this field and have been able to appeal the audience through their output.

Deerwalk Services usually comes up with videos with some touch of creative animation. You can view their videos in their Deerwalk channel. Sumit Shrestha, DWIT student currently studying in the sixth semester, has been working as an intern in Design and Animation in Deerwalk Services for over 10 months now. He has a keen interest in 3D Animation and has recently made a short animation titled “The Shark”.

DWIT News had a short interview with him regarding the animation.

How long does it take to come up with an animation of this length and quality?

Since I was busy with another video, it took me over a month to make it; however, it can be done within a week or less.

What technologies have been used?

For making the elements of the video, namely, Shark, Ocean, Airplane, I had used Autodesk Maya and for editing purpose, I had used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Does one need to be meticulous when creating animations, that is, does one need to focus on minor details?

Yes, details are important; without focusing on details, no one can get perfect animation.

Any challenges you faced during the making?

Since, I am a beginner in animation, I faced lots of challenges. It was much difficult for me to rig (making the model ready for animation) the shark.

Are you thinking of increasing the length of the animation? If yes, what shall be the theme behind the animation (if you have already thought of it)?

I haven't thought of making any animation as of now because I am learning and wish to learn a lot of things in Autodesk Maya first; I hope to make it soon. I am however making a short movie which will release soon.

Anything else you would want to tell the viewers or the ones who are interested in creating animations?

Yes, if you are interested in animation, then you must have patience. It will be very difficult at first and annoying too, but after the output is seen, it feels great and will generate much interest in you. So you must have patience while learning and creating animations.