Tue, 01 Dec, 2020

Session III of DeerTalk Season IV Held

By Sandesh Sharma

The debate session of DeerExpress session IV was held on 16th May 2014. The debate session is the most interesting session among the different sessions of DeerExpress. The participants give different logic to prove that their argument is true. A little bit of aggression in the participants is the beauty of debate session. The topic of the debate for this session was "Semester system is better than Annual system." As usual, Sandesh Sharma hosted the program. The judges for this session were Bhawana Dahal, Anju Shahi, Pratik Budathoki and Sunil Shrestha. Participants were judged in four categories, namely content, context and time, Body language, Pronunciation and grammar and Overall. Anil Parajuli, Arun Amatya and Asim Regmi spoke for the topic whereas Aashish Bikram Lamichhane, Pratibh Acharya and Sarthak Khanal spoke against the topic. The topic was selected by the members of DeerExpress Club. "We don't feel pressure while studying in semester system" said Anil Parajuli.  Then Aashish Bikram Lamichane from the opposing team said that we can do many extra-curricular activities in yearly system. "We are studying semester system in Deerwalk and we are doing many extra-curricular activities here" Asim Regmi rebutted Aashish's argument. The audience was very interactive and every participant grabbed the audience's attention till the end of their speech. There was a tie between Asim Regmi and Pratibh Acharya. The winners were announced by the president of The Movie Club, Bimal Gaire and they were awarded prizes by the Academic Director of DWIT, Hitesh Karki. The session concluded with the Deer speech given by Bhawana Dahal. She talked about the road expansion that is going on in Kathmandu Valley. (Sandesh Sharma works as a’volunteer reporter’ for the DWIT News Team.)