Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Session II of DeerExpress Season IV Held

By Sandesh Sharma

On 9th May, 2014, the extempore session of DeerExpress was held. The DeerTalk Club of DWIT organizes Deer Express sessions every week with the motive to make the students confident and fluent while speaking in front of an audience. DeerTalk conducts Deer Express program every Friday. One season comprises of four sessions, namely, Speech, Extempore, Debate, and Presentation. Sandesh Sharma hosted the program. The four judges for the session were: Bhawana Dahal, Anju Shahi, Sunil Shrestha, and Pratik Budhathoki. The speakers were judged for competence in four categories: Context and time, grammar and pronunciation, body language, and overall. Arun Amatya and Pratibh Acharya were the participants representing the Batch of 2015, while Sarthak Khanal, Anil Parajuli, Ashish B. Lamichhane, and Ashim Regmi participated from the Batch of 2016. The participants had to choose the topic for their speech right before they started speaking. Their extempore speeches were followed by questions from the audience. Some participants received humorous topics while others received more serious ones. Arun Amatya spoke on the biggest lie of his life. Pratibh Acharya spoke on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Asim Regmi spoke on the funniest moment of his life. Sarthak Khanal spoke on an idea that changed his life. Anil Parajuli got the topic “If I was born a girl.” Ashish Bikram Lamichhane was the final speaker and gave a speech on the topic “Dating at 16.” While the topics themselves sounded entertaining some of the speakers had difficulty articulating themselves with the humor that the topics called for. Sarthak Khanal, with 13 points, won the session. Ashim Regmi became 2nd with 12 points. Winners were awarded prizes by the Academic Director, Hitesh Karki. After the completion of DeerExpress, as usual, it was the turn for a student to deliver DeerSpeech. This week’s speaker was Shankar Khatri. He spoke about the good and bad effects of Facebook. (Sandesh Sharma works as a'volunteer reporter' for the DWIT News Team.)