Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Sense of an Eye

By Rejina Kattel

Like everything in the universe, our eyes too narrate a story. The structural and anatomical utility of the eye is vision communicating between the world within us and the world outside us. However, they eye’s purpose can be interpreted in our own ways. The way we answer the world and what we draw from things around us reflects our vision of the outside world, playing a vital role in balance what is within us. Eyes are the windows to the soul. We speak what we see, we communicate after we see, and we realize when we see. Every inner action is the reflection of our eyesight. Eyes are the center of our cosmos, the way through which we pave our path from vision to action.

Eyes have their own language. One way to be highly valued is by learning to speak the language of the eyes. The one and only enduring and truthful thing that god has created is none other than eyes. Everyone in this universe loves and lives through the reflection of other’s eyes and learns through the reflection of their own eyes. Sometimes, there may be certain circumstances when the thumping of the heart can open our eyes to the language of the universe. The gist of every living life is to see the universe in the language of the eyes. People live for many reasons: to become immortal, because their grandchildren have to be proud of their ancestors, to respect the prestige of their family, because they wish to be a millionaire, to get praise from their surroundings, and so forth.

Since ancient times, eyes have been considered the symbol of conscientiousness, liberty and visual sense. We, with our eyes, can embark on the journey of life. When a newborn baby starts sobbing; the paramount approach to making him/her blissful is by letting him/her to see the loving eyes of his/her mother and father. Children are immersed in the eyes of their parents of which they are a reflection.  The happiness and sorrow of life and death are tolerable because they are immersed in those eyes. This is how an eye is the cosmos of life.

Once the idiom of eyes becomes proverbial, we are certain to discover everything and be acquainted with things we had never even dared to sense. It is so because eyes are the key to recognizing all the mysteries. Our relation with the universe comes through the eyes. Identifying the sense of eyes means discovering other unknown senses within ourselves, and it is a good thing because the door of maturity is always seeking us. The dreams we see, the visions we develop all possess the necessary virtues to commune with the universe. Each day, when we look at the mirror, the image in the mirror always speaks some word no matter how hard we make an effort to hold back the voices inside us. An ordinary eye can turn cognizant if the soreness of the soul senses.

The relation between the eye and the soul is enigmatic, just like we have eyes, our soul too has eyes.

The eyes of our soul are the origin of our intuition which is the base for the universe that rests within us. We have true energy that is figured out by the intuition and consciousness of our eyes. So, we are capable of choosing the direction of flow of energy between inside and outside the human race. Perpetual vision through which we see the environment is like a selection of lenses that grants the belief we have preferred and disregard all others.

The spirit of the universe encompasses two paths for life, one in the form of the moon and the next in the form of the sun. The sun shines and reveals the wisdom of divinity, whereas the moon radiates light to the distressed. Eyes can then choose the path and sense the creation in its own language.