Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Semester Break – As Important as Regular Classes

By Giriraj Khatri

It was a week ago that the students completed their semester examination and there were two kinds of expression among the students who were walking out of exam hall. One group were cherished and joyfully sharing their plans during their break and inviting friends to join them if possible. While another group of students had no expression instead seemed tensed that they had to wake up at six in the morning to make college on time. Same students in the same scenario but with two different feelings made me think, “Is semester gap really important for students?” Semester break is a time of rest, refreshment, and relaxation for the students. It is also a time when the students can pursue a new interest and also pick up old hobbies. Many of you may argue that students have a long gap before the examination where they can carry out their leisure pursuits. To clarify, with every passing day students will be pressurized and fear starts to multiply thinking about the examination. A fearful mind will not allow anyone to pursue a new interest. Moreover, these holidays are not semester break rather it is exam preparation leave. Not only students but semester breaks are equally important for parents and faculties as they get quality time to spend with their siblings. Psychologist today states that lack of rest or vacation can lead to chronic stress which affects the body’s ability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and avoid injury. When we are less rested we tend to be more irritable, depressed, and anxious. Our memory suffers and we make poorer decisions. Semester breaks are important for students to reduce college-related stress. It is also an escape from the multiple dreadful morning alarms and time for them to catch up on their lost sleep. During breaks, a student gains knowledge through different life experiences. One day hike to some hills can teach students more than that a classroom could. Semester break may bring in poor grading but the outcomes will be more efficient and effective in the long run. In order to be attentive, productive, creative and to prepare our mind to welcome new information, we need our empty our minds to clutter.