Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Be Selfless, Be Responsible

By Bijaya Kumar Shrestha

Once, a man was trying to help an insect out from the water. The insect was trying to bite him whereas the man was trying to help. There was a third party viewing this activity and asked the man, “Why are you helping the insect even when it is trying to hurt you?”  He replied calmly, “To bite is the nature of insects and to safeguard and help them is mine, so why should I give up my nature just because of their nature?”

This short anecdote can serve an example of our immense responsibility towards our fellow-creatures on our common home, Earth, on one hand, and the power of positivity as well as the importance of every small work that we do to make a difference in someone’s life on the other. No matter whether we achieve something big or small in life, remain happier or less, our responsibility towards others never diminishes. With the world today getting more and more individualistic, more and more irresponsible towards themselves and towards others, the value of positivity and responsibility has gone beyond comparison. And a positive thought like that of the rescuing man in the story can make a difference in someone’s life, if not in everyone’s. And this spirit of positivity and willingness to help others determines what height of success you will achieve in life.

I have a short message to deliver to all the enthusiastic young learners. No matter whether you are from a big city or small, rich family or poor, it is your plan, your determination and your ability to think that will make who you will be tomorrow. So don’t plan to fail by failing to plan. You have a great role to play and a great responsibility to fulfill as an accountable son/daughter, social member and citizen of the nation. And this responsibility to serve our nation selflessly like the man in the story should be our character and nature.