Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

I See God in Your Lap, Nature

By Barsha Dahal

Now this 19 year old girl will talk about the lessons she has learnt from nature. It sounds funny, doesn’t it? Have patience guys, you will surely gain something from this article. I may seem juvenile and crazy all the time, but somewhere inside me, there lies a sensible girl. wait.. I find the word “sensible” quite grotesque. Better call me childish and ludicrous. Creative writing, what shoud I write on? I was thinking on this when suddenly something gave a knocking call on my mind. Why not write on something that I live on and learn from? When I shared this idea with my friend, Asmita. She said, “How do these boring ideas flicker on your mind?” Now that’s really rude, fuchie (the tiny one, haha). Never forget that ideas are neither boring nor interesting. Every idea has a value on its own. Even the ideas that we assume to be lackluster can win the hearts of millions. Anyways, “nature” is not a boring topic to be discussed about; it's an amazing reality of our life. You will know me better after reading this. I love to get wet in the rain. If people won’t stare at me, I will  go dance in the rain every time. Hahahaha... How can anybody hate rainy season? When dark clouds cover the sky, rainfall is necessary just to make the sky bluer and clearer again. I can feel the pain of hot tears rolling down my cheek, but still the relief I get after crying is something more than that pain. It clears my confusion like the rain clears the dark sky. Have you ever seen river stock-still? No.. Just think how sincerely it flows in its own way and reaches its destination. River never gets distracted by anything. Then why cannot we concentrate on our aim like a river does? We always try to escape from our responsibilities. How free are those birds. They never worry about their life and death. Plants and Flowers keep smiling for us in every situation. They are also living beings, but what keeps them alive and fresh every time? I believe there lies some supernatural power behind it. What do you think? Why do we humans worry too much? Like their, our life will also go on. If you can change something just do it if not, then it isn’t something of your concern. Let it be. Don’t worry too much! Whenever I feel low, I go up and continuously look at those hills. What is keeping them motionless for thousand years? Have you ever thought in that way? I always do. Something I learn from them is never change yourself, although situation gets worst. I am the truth of my life. If I will change, then who will be living my life? Sometimes I feel like I am changing. I meet the negative side within me and it becomes so hard to ignore it. But my nature always drags me back. The most beautiful and my favorite natural phenomena is sunset. From my home and my college, Deerwalk, it seems so mesmerizing. The scene of sunset always kisses my eyes and enlightens my soul. Awwwww...I wonder, how can something be so prepossessing? I want to shower words of respect upon the ones who have said, “Every sunset brings new sun shine or a new morning.” This part really inspires me. I am not trying to say that I never panic. I am the one who worries too much. Other people’s opinion about me doesn’t really matter to me. But when I realize I am not fulfilling my duties towards myself and towards my loved ones then it kills me inside. I am careless regarding many things. That makes me sad. But my lessons and my beliefs do not let me feel down for a longer time. I know very well. Nothing comes with guarentee in our life. Ups and downs are like the sunset. It is the inseparable part of life. Everyone has to live it. One of my brothers had asked me, “Were you seriously smiling at the moon and trying to talk with the stars? Seriously, you are crazy!!” Then I immediately said to him, “So, you will never learn to be happy without any reason. I would prefer to live my life being crazy and a buoyant human rather than an unstable and so-called mature person.” He will never see the beauty of the moon and can never hear the whispers of the twinkling stars. I have not seen God. But I have always felt his presence in the eyes of my parents, in the lap of nature and in my own inner voice that every time tells something to me. Life is so beautiful if we find some place where we can spend our whole life without feeling alone. I love loneliness because when I am lonely I can stay at my favorite place and talk with the birds, raindrops, stars, moon , hills and plants. I feel like plants dance with the rhythm of my songs. I want to ask a favor with nature which is everything to me. Never let me change. Specially never make me villian of other’s life. I want to be chief of my mind and king of my own world. Whenever I feel low, teach me to wake up and bring new sunshine in my life. Whenever I feel like I am kept in a prison of duties then let me hear the voice of those birds which will always say me freedom is not the situation, it is the state of my own mind. Whenever I cry hard, let the sky cry so that my tears will get washed away by the rain drops. I do not want to forget that everything happens for a reason and our life will go on, and happiness is our choice not a situation.