Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

How We See DWIT Ten Years Down the Line

By Hitesh Karki

dwit-news-5th-special-logoFirst of all, we would like to congratulate The DWIT NEWS TEAM, both current and the previous for coming this far! It’s 50th edition and yet we would want to believe this is just a beginning. On 18th of February, 2014 we were presented with the first draft ‘mock-up’ of the DWITNEWS.COM. A week later, we were ready to roll. We knew there and then that we are in for long haul for there hasn’t been any turning back! What makes any academic institution great is not as much based on what kind of initiatives it takes but how it manages to sustain it, growing from strength to strength. The DWIT News team clearly exemplifies that winning spirit. Coming to the question of where does management sees DWIT in 10 years from today, the management has absolute clarity as to where it wants to be by 2025. There are five key ‘goals’ that we want to achieve:

  • Currently, we are pretty small. We virtually started from a scratch. It’s a sheer coincidence that Harvard started with 8 students and so did DWIT. By next 10 years, we wish to see at least 1,000 students in college. 
  • The route to success has never been so clear. There are two ‘languages’ one needs to learn and one can go work anywhere. We already have IT related course that covers the ‘programming language’ and we would soon get started with four year undergrad program for ‘English’. 
  • As of today, the College Acceptance Ratio is around 25%. The other hallmark of a good academic institution is represented by the Acceptance Ratio and we plan to bring this down to less than 5% in within next 10 years. 
  • One of the rather unfortunate scenario of today’s education in Nepal is that colleges and schools are mushrooming almost in a literal sense of the word. There are schools who have one building that too often leased, cramped classrooms with no space to hang around within the campus. By 2025, we plan to increase the campus size to 25 Ropanis in Siphal and 200 Ropanis in Naubise, Dhading. 
  • Finally, as ambitious as it may sound, DWIT will be the best computer science college in South Asia by 2025. By next three years, we definitely will have to be the best in the country. That’s the beginning of our journey towards achieving this massive goal of ours, mission 2025. We all know that this is lot easier said than done. However, with the commitment of the management team, comprised of people who are committed in achieving this dream, there is no dream that cannot be realized. 
Once again, congratulations on coming out with 50 editions on a regular basis. We are not sure how many colleges can boast of such sites but would also want to provide help and support to other TU affiliated institutions who wish to dream big. There is no substitution to hard work. We believe we all will be able to see 2025 in the manner explained above if all members associated with DWIT, starting from the parents, the members of faculty, the students and the management, work together. We can make magic happen! We will make it happen. ON BEHALF OF THE DWIT MANAGEMENT TEAM