Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Secure Your Messages With TextSecure

By Ankit Pradhan

Photo Courtesy: The development of technology has brought both positive as well as negative impact on society. After certain point, people have started to think about something that matters to them most; their privacy and security. We have been hearing that along with the development of technology our privacy is being compromised. Sometimes in the news you may have heard that the American government has recorded the phone call all of its people, the messages are being watched every day and they are being watched every time. On one hand, technology has made our life easier but in the other hand our security and privacy are being compromised. To overcome this, to make our life more secure and to make our life private, certain programmers have come up with application that will send encrypted message. TextSecure: It is the combination of two words text and secure, which means that it is an app that helps us to send text to our friends, family and relatives in a secure way that others cannot read that message. Its latest version is 2.5.3 updated in March 7, 2015 and is available for android phones only. It is open source which allows everyone to check how secure it is and to make necessary changes and also uses open source end to end encryption, (it is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people), of peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols. Some of its features are: SMS: TextSecure uses end to end encryption while sending text in order to keep your message secure, anyone who has this app can only read the encrypted message. It can be also used to send message to non-TextSecure user but the message will not be encrypted. Group chat: It allows you to create an encrypted group so you can have private conversation with your friend. As it uses end to end encryption, only those who are in that group can access to message. Fast: The TextSecure protocol can operate in most guarded condition which allows messages to be sent spontaneously. Requirements: It requires mobile data or Wi-Fi though we can send message if such connection aren’t available. Android with OS 2.3 and up are required. It is available in more than 30 languages. How to install: Step 1: Download and Install TextSecure from Google Play. Step 2: Chose a passphrase if you like to locally encrypt your data. Step 3: If you like import message from you mobile. (Optional) Step 4: Register: If you register your mobile number than only you will be able to use free messaging service. Register is done via your mobile number by sending a code in text. Verification: As it uses end to end encryption, once you send your first message then it will ask if you want to verify the key with another person. If your key is verified then only another user can view the message and it also supports manual verification.