Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

The Second DeerFest is on Its Way

By Asmita Bista

Art By: Shreha Regmi The most-awaited second Deerfest is on its way. It is scheduled for 13th September, 2015. Like the first Deerfest, we will be having mo:mo party. Along with mo:mo, some other food items such as burger, hotdog, french fries, mushroom chilly, chicken chhoila and pani puri will also be served. Besides mo:mo party, the program will include quiz competition, cultural program and games. The program is scheduled to start at 10 AM. The first event, probably quiz, will be started on the first half. All four batches, with three members in each, will be competing against each other. After the quiz, we will be having snacks, which is likely to include hotdog, burger and french fries. The second event which is singing and dancing will be held after having snacks. Moreover, we’ll be playing games organized by the DWIT Sports Club. Alongside, we will be eating mo:mo and other items. Like the first Deerfest, students are supposed to bring their own plates and glass from home. Food department will be headed by Rojina Karki and Ankit Pradhan of fourth semester. Dance department will be headed by Ashmita Kunwar and Sanjay Rimal (fourth semester students) whereas singing department will be headed by DWIT Music Club. It has been estimated that at least 10 performances will be included. Everybody is excited for the second Deerfest. We expect it will be as memorable as the first one.