Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

SEA Change

By Anmol Shrestha

This is a story of a boy. He’s white as snow and cute as a button. For his age, he’s a bit shorter than the rest of his schoolmates. Everyone likes him and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. If I were to say he is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, I wouldn’t be lying. He has a peculiar trait which makes  him different from the rest of the crowd. Well, he has a certain air about him. I think he is hard working and studious but that’s just the way I see him, I really don’t know if I’m correct.Talking about just friends, he has many of them, but he has a couple of best friends. Suppose I am one of his friends and I’m in a really deep trouble, then he will obviously help me since that’s the kind of a person he is. He’s helpful, thoughtful, generous and shy. Yes, he is too shy. Especially in front of girls and I remember a moment when a girl asked him “Would you like to have my lunch?” Suddenly his cheeks got red and he started acting weird. The funniest part was that he left the class without responding to her. Oh my, that girl was so furious that she didn’t even eat her lunch that day. If she had asked me, I would have jumped right in. Those dumplings looked really yummy! By the way he is sporty, and given his height, he is a really good basketball player. Even though he cannot dunk, he is an A-class team player and a sharpshooter. Talking about his other qualities he plays a lot of computer games and he can’t get enough of it. He is a football fan and he’s a huge fan of “FIFA” like me. 2+2=4, 9/3=3, these are some common problems subject to mathematics which he hates so much that one day he left the exam hall during math exam within two minutes of the start. He likes listening to rock music and as he says he inherited this habit from his brother. Talking about family, he has a great family. Everyone in his family is kind, loving and knowledgeable. As he was growing up, he had everything he wanted so he had an easy childhood. He doesn’t talk much with his parents either, I guess he is not so talkative. Argghhh! Why is it so hard to write anything? Actually, this is my story and I was just trying to write it through someone else’s eye. Does that make me clever? Moving forward… passing the “Iron Gate” was a really big thing back then, actually passing with distinction. I was so sick of my parents for nagging me all the time about it. Just before crossing the abstract “Iron Gate”, math became my favorite subject, I was not so shy anymore and I certainly became more talkative. One day my friend said to me “It was more like a Gate of Change rather than Iron Gate for you” and I replied “Shut up! It was bound to happen.” In the mean time I grabbed my first ever champions trophy and sang live on stage. I had this exact feeling “I’m on the top of the world!”. Similar was the feeling when I was in high school. I just didn’t feel like studying physics and chemistry,the rest of them were good. Most of my colleagues were dark skinned; if I were to use a stereotype, I would have to say most of them were “Dhotis”. I was a part of the non-dhoti circle and I remember doing some not so good things like spilling ketch-ups all over the table, bunking classes to play basketball, sitting at the back of the class to play “Fruit ninja” or ”Subway Surfer ”and one thing I regret doing is I never studied seriously. Was that funny? Contrasting to what I promised my brother, I became a Facebook and anime addict. I don’t know what my problem with Kathmandu was, but a year after staying here my skin tone went from white to dark. My friends started mocking me; one of them said “You are now officially a dhoti” and that made me realize how it feels to be called “Dhoti”. Not really, I am just kidding! Passing high school was not so hard, I made it through easily. I can’t forget the last exam of my high school and why would I, someone stole my new shiny shoes the day before. Also, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and this particular thing really got me depressed. I was not so worried, but my parents were extremely worried. Due to it I was allowed to have limited fun and the boring part is, I had to take medicine every day. These days were really gloomy and hectic, but one day I decided that I will just act like it never happened and live by the motto “Go with the flow”. And it worked like a charm, I felt like I grew up a little more and learned some life lessons. I started making most of my time, learned getting over someone and the most important thing is I learned to stay happy. Me and my friends were on a vacation so we wanted to do things we have never done before. I started with skateboarding then and I was sidelined for a month as I tore my ligament the first time I touched a skateboard. I was crazy enough to dive into the river with the cell phone still in my hand and crashing the scooter under the bridge. Lots of things happened and I cherish every minute of it because those were the moments that made me feel like I am really enjoying my life. New things started with new friends as I buckled up for further studies. I had a group of friends and we were preparing for the entrance exams. Fortunately, I passed my exam even though I had my exam the same day I got discharged from the I.C.U. As we joined college some of my friends had already sent friend requests to all the ladies before the college even started. What was I supposed to do? I followed them. Does that make us creepy? I don’t think so, after all we are boys. The days are going just fine, even though the assignments are eating up my brain cells. Everyone is cool and getting to know new people has been fun. So far this is the story and more things are yet to follow. You got bored, didn’t you? Right now I’m sitting on my desk and typing whatever I want, but I’m glad I did this because it’s the first time I’ve ever written something like this and it’s delightful. You might have noticed how I changed from top to bottom if you read the whole thing? Changes are imminent and change is good, of course not always. I’ve almost written 1200 words and this is also a change, so let’s go with the flow and have a sound sleep (It’s 1 am already). Bye bye, rock on! (Anmol Shrestha is a student studying in the second semester at DWIT.)