Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Schools No More a Peace Zone

By DWIT News

The unofficial notice placed on the doors of the school
Students Union affiliated to various political parties had started a nationwide protest against private schools taking high fees from April 24, 2017. While launching their protest, the students union have seen to be engaged in hooliganism. The recent victim was Deerwalk Sifal School located in Jayabageshwori Marg. Deerwalk Sifal School formally known as Opal School was acquired by Deerwalk Institute of Technology in early 2016. The group of youngsters numbering from 14 to 15 producing no official document entered the school premises by threatening the security officer and started to behave delinquently when the classes were running. They also locked the account section of the school. “The students' unions have been launching protest for a good cause of educational institution but the method in which that they are launching is not acceptable,” stated the principal of the school. He further added, “Instead of giving a surprise visit to schools, it would have been better if there was a formal process of sending a letter so that they could sit down on a table and solve the issue.” When the government has announced schools as a peace zone, it is not a right act by the students union. While forcing to implement their demands, students union must be careful so that it will not affect children psychology.