Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

Sankhu and Its People

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo: Relief work in progress Photo Courtesy: Hitesh Karki

prayfornepalOn 25th April, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake that shook the ground causing mass panic and hysteria. It was a massive earthquake that brought upon destruction and misery to millions of lives all over the country. Many relief funds, aids, and supplies are coming in from many countries abroad to assist  in this time of need. During this tragedy in Nepal, there are many people who need help. People in different parts of the country are seeking assistance and supplies.

[caption id="attachment_6427" align="aligncenter" width="704"]Team from Deerwalk off to help Sankhu citizens Team from Deerwalk off to help Sankhu citizens[/caption]

On 30th April, a team from Deerwalk Institute of Technology went to Sankhu to understand the needs of the victims there. The team was lead by Mr. Hitesh Karki and consisted of students and volunteers. We went to Sankhu to try to understand what sort of assistance we can provide the locals and the victims.

[caption id="attachment_6428" align="aligncenter" width="802"]Current lifestyle around Sankhu Current lifestyle around Sankhu[/caption]

When we arrived there, we saw that there are already many organizations that are already providing the victims the supplies they need. We went around and talked to many of the locals. All of them had a sad story to tell. Many people were left homeless and were out on the street. People are either missing or dead. What we saw was not for the faint hearted. Everywhere you see there was destruction and devastation. Entire neighborhoods have collapsed. Parts of buildings have fallen or are waiting to fall.

[caption id="attachment_6424" align="aligncenter" width="805"]Scenes around Sankhu Scenes around Sankhu[/caption]

While we were investigating the site, we talked to the locals. They told us that, Sankhu is getting enough supplies but things are not properly maintained. What the locals currently are seeking for is an organized method of distribution of supplies. A person told us that they have enough supplies like water, food, clothes and are living in tents. What they need is an organized way of doing things. There are families which are unable to get the supplies because they being left behind. They also said that they need volunteers to help them dig out the bodies. We met a woman who was taking care of 400 children with the help of some of her friends. When she saw us, she immediately told us everything. She told us how people are monopolizing the supplies. She was raising funds by herself to feed the children even though relief funds are coming in everyday. She told us, “I have pleaded with the volunteers that come here to help us. We do not need water, food or a place to stay but what we need are able bodied people. We need people to help us clear some of the rubble to dig out the dead bodies. I along with my friends and children are digging out the bodies. Just the other day, we pulled out a couple of dead bodies from the fallen buildings.” Hearing that things she said, we were deeply touched.

On our way back, we met with a reporter from India. His name was V.S. Somashekar Gowda. He is also the world president of Clean Earth Green Earth, an organization that fights against mosquito born diseases. A student from DWIT, Suman Thapa, had a talk with him. They talked about where he was from and what he was doing there. He said that he came to Kathmandu to help the victims of the earthquake. He came alone from India even though any people there told him not to go. He came to distribute medical supplies which are with him. He also said that he needed volunteers to help him distribute the supplies.

Sankhu is in need of able bodied manpower to help them. Many of the people there are in need of portable toilets and tents. Sankhu needs help but the help needs to be organized, unbiased and must fulfill the needs of the victims there.