Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Rush Of Maintenance In Deerwalk

By Ashmita Kunwar

Photo Courtesy: Ashmita Kunwar

Should we have to wait for some special occasion or some special guest to visit our premises in order to make it look beautiful, clean and well managed? I guess not. If our place is maintained and repaired in certain schedule, we don't need to do it the way Deerwalk is doing right now. Cleaning and maintenance work is rushing in a hurried way which we (students) think is because of the Chairman Rudra Pandey's visit to Nepal soon. We have been noticing this particular trend from past few years, where respective departments begin their work just before the visit of Chairman to Nepal. Continuing the same culture at this moment in Deerwalk,  activities like  painting, cleaning and repairing are going on in a speedy rate.


Although, we have not been officially informed about the visit of Dr. Pandey, we can definitely guess that he is coming soon, thanks to all the changes and maintenance that are going on around the Deerwalk complex. One of the admin member said that “The maintenance is going in such a pace as if the King and Queen are going to be here in Deerwalk.”

When SAFF official meeting was about to be held in Nepal, numerous changes and maintenance were done in Kathmandu all day and night, only to show off the beauty from outside but reality is something painful deep inside and we Nepalese are the ones to struggle with it every other day. This is similar now in case of Deewalk also.  Painting the buildings is not important for now, it is time to think deeply about the needs of student, ensure safety of their material which is now a big issue. Carrying bags and laptops everywhere we go is not always possible.


Deerwalk always aims of achieving big feats, but these are the basic things that need to be taken care of. There's a need to do something in a consistent and significant way, whose impact may last long in a meaningful way. Such ways of maintaining things at the last moment is not a healthy practice and does not convey positive message to the students. This is a typical Nepali culture that always restricts us from moving forward. In regards to the maintenance of the complex, it seems that it applies to Deerwalk too.