Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Picture Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli

(No, don’t. That’s just the title.

Yes, I know. I’m still working on coming up with titles.)

An open space having smooth roads that stretches as far as the eyes can see (in my case, the eyes have thick glasses) and a beautiful comfortable weather with the wind blowing gently on my face…mmm…(needs to take a break to deal with the sudden and immense longing for such place.)


That open space has always been on my wish list. No, I do not wish it upon a falling star nor do I pray for it. That’s because I just cannot imagine ever having it.

Do I want it?

Sometimes I think I do. But most times, I do not care for it at all.


So then, let me be clear as to why I sometimes think I need such a place nearby. Hah! As if I need to.. It’s in the title already in big bold letters. If u missed it though, here it is.

I need it because I get this urge to run. Sometimes. Well, that urge has been twice surely and maybe one more time after that.

But it is one of my best fantasies. I use the word fantasies because I live in close proximity to Asan, Asan, where during its busy days (countless times a year) people do not walk. They simply face the direction they want to go and get pushed till they are out of Asan. And if, if there is a totally stupid vehicle in Asan that day, take out your phones and relax because u aren’t going anywhere now.

(needs to take a break to deal with the sudden dread of having to cross Asan tomorrow and tomorrow is the last Saturday before Tihar!!!)


I’ve always liked running. People rarely do not like running as a child. You just start running, build up momentum and soon you are speeding so fast that it feels like your legs have a mind of their own. There is no thinking any more. There is just taking in the moment. Then you stretch your arms and suddenly you are flying. You realize your cheeks are hurting because you have been smiling for so long. You are happy.

Well, I am.

Running also has had a special place in my heart.  I’m incredibly fond of it. And because I do not get to run as often or as long as I would like, I remember most of the times that I have run. And from all the memories, I know that running is a very powerful medicine. After greedily devouring every last bit of energy in my body, I know that it has changed my mindset from worry to what-was-it-that-was-bothering-me, from anxiety to whatever, from anger to stop-being-so-angry and from sadness to its-going-to-be-okay. Finally, when I am dead beat and I am walking like a new born calf because my legs hurt so much, I am just happy that I have got one more memory that I can remember sometime in the future and smile to myself stupidly while I zone out staring at someone’s face (I’ve got to stop doing that.)

On that note, I end this article. I’ve got to run now (just an expression), got Tihar preparations.

That reminds me, HAPPY TIHAR!!!