Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Rules Shattered

By Asmita Bista

 DWIT is different. There are many things done differently here.  The new trend of 6 out of 5 has started. Yes, it started from this past Friday. On 5th December, we had the presentation session of Deertalk program. After every participant finished their presentation, the scores were displayed on the screen. We were surprised when we saw one of the judges giving 6 points out of 5. There is a rule of giving an extra bonus point for the participant who uses the Deerword of the Day correctly in his/her speech. But was it necessary to add extra 1 point when the participant has already scored full points? Wasn’t the rule made clear to the judge or was the judge just ignoring the rule? Whatever may be the reason it looked funny when we see 6 out of 5. It is not only about the judge but also the organizer who didn’t care enough to explain the rules.

According to the judge, she said that there is a provision of giving an extra point for correct use of Deerword, and she was not sure if the bonus point is to be included within the 5 points. She even asked about the rule and one of the organizers agreed that she can give 6 out of 5. So, what is happening in DWIT? It seems like we can break rules and make our own rules. But are rules made to be broken? Most of us find the Deertalk program boring. We barely listen to every word delivered by the participants. So, who would bother checking the points, right? Many of us even didn’t notice the points displayed on the slide.

One of my favorite sayings “Rules are made to be broken” seems to suit this case. However, rules bound everyone in the system so it is not good to break the rule. It is necessary to follow rules whether it is of a club or something else.