Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Rule Your Own World

By Aakira Tamrakar

“My life is hell. Look at him/her. She is so pretty and has a happy life. I wish I could have life as her.” “My life is full of troubles. My parents are always complaining about me. I am useless and I am the only unhappiest person alive on the earth.” Oh, Common!!  Stop complaining and comparing about things! We have our love and happiness right in front of our eyes and we keep thinking out loud and searching for love and happiness at distance when it is right in front of our eyes. We neglect precious things we have on our life and keep losing them on the verse of always trying to be like someone else who we aren’t or can’t be. At last, we end up unhappy and dissatisfied. We just have a single life and this is not how we should be spending it; comparing, complaining and compromising. But the truth is that, this is how most of us spend our life knowingly or unknowingly and this is where we forget to enjoy our life blissfully getting ourselves busy in things that we shouldn’t be worried about. There are lots more pain and tragedies in our life that may make us fall to our knees and broke down. Well, nothing comes for free. If we do nothing and just regret and complain about things, we won’t get what we want in our life. So, just do things in your life that makes you happy and satisfied. Every time you fall down; wake up, smile and say to yourself, “Everything will be alright dude, just stand up and fight back”. Happiness is right in front of us; don’t try to lose it looking at distance. Smile, love and spread love and happiness.  Rule your own world in the best possible way you can. :) :)