Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Role Models: My View

By Shila Parajuli

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Role model need not always be a celebrity, a CEO, or some successful individual. In my opinion, role model is someone who influences us in a positive way or someone who inspires us, helps us with stepping onto every easy and difficult ladders of life. Role model may also be someone who never judges our past but keeps on helping us because they really do care about us. From the very beginning of life, everyone has a role model and I believe that attachment towards him/her does not end till the last breath.

The one role model that people of all ages can confess to is mother. She is the one who heeds us from the day we are inside her belly till the end, through every ups and downs of our life. She is someone we can look up to for advice in any difficult situation; she’s someone who is the happiest at our success. She is the source of motivation and reminder of what true love really means. She is our teacher even before our school actually starts. I don’t know how my life would be like without mother. I do not say that there are no other role models, but a true and everlasting role model for me is always my mother.

Role models are different on different stages of life. A role model for a small child may be his favorite cartoon character. For a small boy, role model for him may be Spiderman. Likewise, a role model for a small princess is always probably Barbie. As we grow up and start stepping towards school, our role models will most probably be the best teacher of ours. I think role models, in most cases, are always senior to us because we get to learn a lot of things from their experience. As a teenager, role model for us might also be the person we love the most, our love. Our best friend is also a role model for us because he/she supports us throughout our school life. During job hours, managers may serve to be a role model.

So role models are utterly important in everyone’s life. An individual must always try to be a role model in front of others.

Finally respect your role models :)