Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Robinson Crusoe: Book Review

By Nikita Gautam

What would you do, if you found yourself drowned in a sea into a land you've never encountered before? Many of us wouldn't be able to even survive just few days in it. A true journey and struggle of a man commences when he starts surviving on his own.  There is an amazing relationship that coexists between man and nature. This novel springs the essence of truth to this statement. This is first person narrated novel, a journey of a trader who finds himself lost in an Island and finds a way to cope  with nature and survive around for twenty-seven years.

The main character of the novel is Robinson Crusoe, who gives up his family to start on his own. There are many minor characters associated with the novel. He travels in the sea, starts off his own farm, struggles a lot with his life, and to discover it, takes chances. After his successful trip to Africa he boards another ship to take off, but his bad fortune leads him to another side of his life this time. He is recruited as a slave but he manages to escape. These ups and downs of his life continue to take place one by one.

After he becomes a shipwrecked trader, his new dimension of life with discoveries, thrills, adventure, and defense mechanisms starts. First he tries to build a protective shelter for himself, to protect himself from the natural calamities as well as the wild beasts. He learns to hunt, to farm, to manipulate the seasons, and to plan accordingly. He learns to survive with the available things and to preserve seasonal foods and shape them into something useful for the other seasons. He fails several times, but that's how we learn from our mistakes. This man creates a heaven for himself from nothing. He risks his life, but gains so much knowledge.

He encounters several trends of cannibalisms around in the island where he meets a human being who manages to escape from the savage act and names him Friday. Crusoe has had lived a lonelier life until then, but now he gives him all he needs to have. He teaches his companion who loves himself to be called slave, to speak in English, to plant, tricks to survive and so on. They both become attached to each other on a spiritual level. Finally, he manages to escape the island along with the captain of the ship and the prisoners, and then eventually sets off back to London.

This novel artistically illustrates how human beings are able to cope with the reality when hardships come along. Yet it depends upon each one's perspective to shape the reality in a desired way. This is a tale of a man who shapes reality into inspiration. We might get stuck with hard times of life but the light of our life should always be lit up. We are capable of doing much more than we think we can, it’s just the matter of time and us  realizing our potential .

The core theme of the novel is that "Never give up in life, there is something great planned  by our own destiny, live and learn to survive the hardships of life, happiness will just come along with it."