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RJ Prajwal Khadka Shares His Experiences with the Students

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: RJ Prajwal Khadka with DeerExpress team members Photo Courtesy: Anushka Maharjan

“Feel free to do anything that you like, but also be ready to face the consequences.” -mentioned by RJ Prajwal Khadka during his inspirational speech

This quote not only inspired the audience, but also gave everyone some courage to live freely.

Prajwol Khadka, RJ in Kantipur FM, conducts different interesting programs in FM like Jeevan Sathi, Radio Talk, Ke Cha Nepal, I love it I hate it, and many more.

RJ Prajwal Khadka was at DWIT on 2nd September, 2015 to share his experiences with the students. Second semester students of DWIT gathered at Gandaki Hall and the talk session started at 11:15 am with the introduction of the guest speaker, RJ Prajwal Khadka, by Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer. Prajwal Khadka and Hitesh Karki are childhood friends. He started the session with a humorous definition of RJ as Regular Jadiya and differentiated it from DJ. He shared some funny moments that they used to do during their childhood.

He started sharing his experience saying, ”Kuro and Kulo jata lagepani janchha, so I shall start with kuro part.” He shared his history behind becoming a part of Media team and commented, “Joining the media field was just an accident.” What brought him to the stage he is now was the day when he decided to return back to Nepal from U.K and start his journey with the Media team. His experience about the struggle that he had faced during the beginning days really motivated everyone. The students were so enthusiastic and interested to listen to him during his speech that they were devoting all their concentration towards him. They all flew with his speech that they were not paying heed to anything more than his speech at the time. His expressions were enough to understand the feelings that he wanted to express. In his first part, he shared his experiences of being the part of a Media team.

Secondly, he focused on the business part and shared his experiences of being a businessman. He commented, “I started my business career through farming. It was totally new for me when I started it, but it was just a common thing for others. I got success form this occupation because I do it differently.”

He added, “It is not necessary for you to do different things when you can do things differently; doing things differently can help you gain success over others.” He had tried many new things in his life. He got success over them as he did many of them differently.

The top five quotes that he emphasized during his speech to motivate the students were:

“It does not matter how you are going to do it, but believe that you are going to do it.”

“Nobody gains success overnight, so believe and go on doing it; then you can gain success.”

“Nothing is easy to do. So, keep on practicing and make it easy.”

“There is a chance to win until you are on the ground. So, do not lose your hope.”

“The best investment that you made in your life is experience.”

Arjan Poudel, second semester student at DWIT, commented, “Today’s talk program was really interesting. The experiences that he shared today really motivates me to live freely. Thank you, Prajwal Sir for your wonderful speech.”

Nischal Aryal, second semester student at DWIT, commented, “This is the best Talk Program that I have attended at DWIT. I have become a fan of his words. He is really a great person. It was great to hear from him and I want more such sessions at ECA so that we can be inspired.”

At the beginning of the session the audience started coming into the hall thinking that it would be just another talk program. Everyone did not expect much. As soon as RJ Khadka started speaking, the air in the room changed and everyone felt that he was more than your average speaker. Everyone paid attention to his words. Some were motivated while others were inspired to do something great. His speech, mixed in with jokes and seriousness, were the talk of the college that day.

The program ended with RJ Prajwal Khadka taking pictures with the organizers and some of the students. He was also presented with a Token of Love by the DeerExpress Club Vice President, Barsha Dahal.