Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Reviewing Myself

By Asmita Subedi


Since last week, I have been thinking about what special shall I write for our most awaited 50th Edition; some feminist article? (My inner voice: Oh! No, not that, you are, for sure, a feminist- Remember you hate sexists!); then a quirky and sarcastic one? (That is your essence and you are pretty well known for it! :P, try something new). Ok, let’s make a twist then; how about reviewing myself as a writer, a reporter? (Ya, sure. Go for it! :) :) )

It is the 50th week of our news site and my 36 articles have already been published so far and this is my 37th one. Wow! This really is a wonderful experience and great achievement for me. A shy introvert girl speaking her words and expressing her feelings to the whole world to hear it out loud was certainly not a cake walk, at least for me. (Quite impressive, Proud of you girl!) To start from the beginning, I did Madan Dai’s life story ( and I was overwhelmed to receive inspiring comments from the seniors, friends and even teachers. Yeah! First love can never be forgotten. So, this piece of work has been my first love as a writer and from here I kicked off my journey breaking the hard shells and setting out in a race at a pretty good pace. Week after week, I started writing even more interesting and fun articles. I could express my happiness into words and make the words laugh with me or vent out my anger and hit hard with my words. I started writing sarcastically and now it has become a sort of essence of my article. Menosh, our mentor, says my articles are quirky and imaginative and even my friend Barsha says my writings lack taste if I don’t add sarcasm and humor in them. Inspiring words and compliments have always been pushing me to improve more and challenge myself further. When I first read out my articles to my dad, he was really proud of me; the happiness in his eyes has always been the reason I try best every time. I still remember him saying where I can improve and what the best parts about my writings are. (Dad you are my superhero :)!) Next to the list of my inspirations are my friends, who point out my mistakes and motivate me to be better. Then my superwoman, Menosh, has been the one to constantly enthuse me with her insightful compliments and support. (Every word falls insufficient to describe her!) Writing alone isn’t the sole part; besides that, being appreciated for the work you do is the most important part. Had I not been appreciated for my work, I would have certainly lost enthusiasm in writing. Here are some of the compliments that really mattered a lot to me for enhancing my performance and motivating my writing spirit: “Good write up Asmita – little miss sunshine of the college!” – Hitesh Karki, the chief academic officer of DWIT “This is great write up. I agree with you Asmita.” – Rudra Pandey, DWIT Chairman “Asmita, I have been following your writings and they are always ‘hard-hitting’, ‘to-the-point’ stuff! So all I say is ‘be the change you want to be’. Keep writing!!” – Hitesh Karki “Asmita, this is very sentimental and nicely written. I read it three times :) Beautifully done!” – Menosh Appl Well, to speak honestly, I get more inspired to write opinions, imaginative and creative writings rather than reporting and writing reviews. But once I commit, I really give it my best, be it a report or a creative writing. It is true that this may certainly not be the best of me, but I promise to keep trying to bring the best out of me. So, in order to improve myself as a writer I still have to come out of my comfort zone and try something new and find yet another hidden part of me. Writing has been the best part of me. I have got to recognize the new and improved me. Writing has been my best friend. Let the rest of me speak itself through my writings. You can read my articles at: . Your suggestions shall always be welcomed. It is our 50th edition; we all have come really a long way and each of us has made a great improvement and we are growing as a writer or a reporter. So all your help and support is what that matters the most. So keep reading! Keep complimenting! :) :)  Happy Reading!  P.S. I may be really high about myself but you know I can’t help it at all; after all it’s the 50th Edition..Wohoo!! :P :) :)