Sat, 03 Jun, 2023


By Shreha Regmi

Grade 9 it was, The first time I saw you. Smiling and shouting, With your friends who were new. And the way you looked at me, Oh! It was breathtaking, Took me to a whole other world Which was nice and loving. Few days later, you said you liked me! The amazing thing anyone has ever said, The wonderful feeling I got in me. And I fell in love with you, With everything inside of you, The beautiful heart you had So clear and pure it was. But who would have ever thought, That all of that was a lie, A coward you were, Playing with a girl’s life. And I came back, Back with a motive, To ruin you And give you the pains I went through. Yes, it is a revenge! But don’t worry my darling, There will be no killing, For you’ll always suffer, Because you have lost me. I’ll show you. I’ll show the world. I’ll live a happy life. The life I’ve always deserved. Because I’m not alone, I have a family. Who is always there for me, Unlike you. And what a shame! A perfect life I have, But you my darling, Are all alone. Yes, you’ll suffer, Everyday, Watching me smile, Living a happy life.