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Reminiscing About DWIT News…

By Ruby Shrestha

dwit-news-5th-special-logoToday’s a big day for all our valuable readers as well as our devoted authors. The site which was officially established on March 2nd, 2014 has turned 50 today! Happy 50th Edition everyone! :)

The concept behind what we see today as DWIT News was completely new for the colleges in Nepal back then, that is, before March 2nd of year 2014. However, since novelty has a special kind of aura and beauty, accompanied by challenges, DWIT decided to head off by embracing the new concept, and launched on March 2014.

During its infancy, the DWIT News team had 16 core members working together to help the concept foster. They went through the highs and lows, bumps and bulges, but never abstained from delivering what they were expected to deliver, and always tried to do what was better. It’s true, they’ve made mistakes; but it’s also true that they’ve learnt and experienced from what they did wrong so that they could help their readers experience what was ‘just right’.

Today, it has already been 50 issues that the team has been working together, side by side, engraving memories, forming bonds and most of all, having fun and learning through experiences while travelling forward in the once unexplored voyage.

It is The 50th Issue, a time to reminisce our works, our dedication, our passion, our involvement and our readers’ cooperation and love towards our site.

Let’s tour through some of the interesting articles we’ve had posted on our site so far.

Guest Column by the writer who’s the youngest among all the writers who’ve ever written for DWIT News: Feminism is Humanism 

Article with the longest comment: That’s How God and Religions Work  

First Investigative Reporting: ISP: Choose Yourself 

First Interactive Reporting: Sharmila Didi: Sister to the Deerwalkers 

Interaction with the locals: What do you feel about having DWIT in your locality? 

First first-hand sports news: Siphal Ground, a Neighboring Ground of DWIT, Well Serves the Sport Enthusiasts  

Let us now hop to the review section.

We’ve certainly reviewed a lot of books and movies till date. However, we’ve not refrained from covering some one-of-its-kind reviews as well:

Arena Review: Futsal Arena, one of the leading futsal courts in Kathmandu Valley 

Review of a wonderful year at college: Back to 2014: What Did We Do? 

Tele-series Review: Sitcom Review: Two and a Half Men 

Moreover…3 Most Commented Posts

1 : A Man Who Changed Hopes into Reality: Narayan Karki Dai 

2 : The Story of My Life 

3 : When Beauty Sleeps 

We have clearly had some fruitful experiences while working with the site and have had taste of variety of articles.

From an infant in the working field, we’ve grown into a toddler and are gradually maturing.

Hence, we, the DWIT News Team, would like to assure our readers that little by little, step by step we’ll touch the untouched, explore the unexplored and will draw an exponential graph of progress to adorn the base we’ve set and to help our readers encounter excellence.

Furthermore, for our readers who want to know more about us, here’s what we’ve been able to come up with:

[caption id="attachment_5581" align="aligncenter" width="354"]Male: Female ratio in the club Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha Current male: female ratio in the club
Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5582" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Photo: Average articles per week Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_5583" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Photo: Change in member count by date Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha Picture Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption] Keep supporting us through your feedback and comments, and help us grow. We will always be striving to justify the platform we’ve received. Cheers! To read the opinions of the DWIT News team members about their journey in the club, visit here.