Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


By Manshun Neupane

Maharajgunj, Kathmandu



“I was 11 when they came to see me. He was a cattle rancher. My father agreed to be his in-law. We had heard stories about the war between India and Pakistan and the ruthless Muslim men taking away the unmarried girls to be their savages. My father didn't want that to happen with me. So, I was married, which deprived me of education. I had to do household works all the time. They didn't even let me attend my brother's marriage. I only got to meet my sister-in-law after three years.”

Ganga Devi Niraula

2                 "I want to become an engineer when I grow up." "Why?" "Because I want to build strong houses and buildings so that people can save themselves from earthquake by staying inside them. I want to build houses that are waterproof and windproof; houses that are beautiful. I feel that I have an obligation to look after people." Isha Niraula           3           "My cousin once told me that he is the second fastest runner in his class. So I asked him to prove it. He ran in our backyard and fell down badly. I laughed so hard and that is the funniest moment of my life. But boy, he did run like flash." Prabesh Gurung           4           "I come from a poor village. There lacked education and other facilities. They brought me to town and handed me over to a family. Now, I help them in household works. They have enrolled me in school. I like going to school and learning new things. In future, when I gain knowledge to the fullest, I will become a teacher and teach people like me." Ramesh Magar             (Manshun Neupane is a student studying in Ace Institute of Management.)