Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

My Relationship With Music

By Bipin Poudel

All my childhood, I have wondered why people are so fascinated with the sound of music. As I grew up, I inherited the same passion for music as others. There is no way to prove that life without music is far better than with it. Music is proven to effect the lives of human beings in different ways. Music is the powerful tool that enhances mood and brings joy. I know, everyone has their own opinion about music and it cannot be denied. It all depends on the person and their taste in music. There are many types of music and that differs from one part of the world to another. Talking about myself, I have had a great relationship with music since my childhood. I was very attached to it. I began with classical music. It was not my personal choice back then because I was in school and the school curriculum required that we begin with classical. In grade 3, I started working on my vocals and started singing. I came to know from my teacher and friends that I had a good voice. ThisĀ  became my passion. I never gave up music after that. I started singing in school, in various functions at school. My taste in music began to change. I became fascinated by the other aspects of it. I wanted to learn other musical instruments because they were always by my side. I started with MADAL at school. The feeling was great when I knew how to sing and play. Today I know, everyone wants that feeling but they cannot experience it. Every year, I improved to a higher standard in singing and playing. I was in 6th grade when I started to learn the violin. There was a tutor in the school and I was her best student. I was always in the lead when it came to orchestra, and violin was the special appearances all the time. With more inspiration, I was always praised by my own people. My parents were there for me. Further, I got the award of the best violinist when I was in grade 7. It has been 8 years now and I have not touched the violin, but I am sure that I can play it like the way I used to. Life moved ahead and my passion increased every year. I started learning guitar at grade 8 from my brother who resides near my home. Talking about today, I play a guitar and I love it. I was always inspired and jealous of the styles of playing guitar by him. Due to that jealousy, I stepped forward in playing guitar better and better every day. His hands used to move like bullet train in the fret of guitar and I always copied him. It's been 7 years but I still learn from him and he is my inspiration. My taste of music changed. I started listening to rock and metal songs. These are my favorite genres. I was fascinated by the music of guitars, drums and pianos. My passion toward music grew day by day and is still there within me. I have other friends who loved music. My best friends were inspired by me to get into music. They are fine guitarist now. We have always been together and had few concerts together during our school and high school. We still have jam sessions when we are together. This is my relationship with music since my childhood. I know, everyone doesn't care about or are deeply into music as I am. I still sing songs and play. I believe what I did in my childhood will remain with me forever. When I look in the past, I smile thinking that I am the one following my passion since my childhood. My family loved it, and my friends loved what I did. There's no such happiness when you are praised by your loved ones and appreciation from others. My passion made me what I am now. If you kill your passion, you will be deprived of happiness that you could get in life. If you preserve it and follow it, you will be happy in your life. Now, it's your decision whether to kill it or keep it. (Bipin Poudel is a student at DWIT studying in the second semester.)