Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Have We Really Lost Our Humanity?

By Asmita Subedi

Kathmandu, Feb 22, 2 school girls injured in Acid Attack; Attacker is still not arrested. Kalaiya Municipality, Bara, Puja Shah, aged 7, who had gone missing since February 20, was found brutally raped, succumbed to injuries and unconscious at a garbage disposal site, died in March 8 after undergoing 17 days long treatment. Sankhuwasava, Chainpur, 3 girls raped within 4 days, aged 11, 12 and 13; among them one was raped by her own father and one of the other two was gang raped. Child raped in Ilam. A 13-year-old girl raped in Jhapa district and yet more rape news... The gleaming headlines of every National Dailies of our country. Wow! Seriously, Have We lost it? What the hell is wrong with people of our country? Are we really turning down to be cold animals? Are we turning insane raging hormones unduly? “Aren’t the children gifts of God? Weren’t we told so? Or have we been told a lie? Are daughters a prey for their own fathers who created them? Is the only reason for women existence is just to be a medium of pleasure for men?” These days, these questions must be hovering around everybody’s mind, twice in a second. Cause these days if there is any good news, two or more saddening news come following back to nullify all the happiness and turn into grief and sadness. Sad, but we all have to endure it anyway. Yeah! Depressing and miserable, but true; such cruel, inhuman and heinous crimes are increasing day by day in our country. These are only few cases that actually get reported, there are many more crimes that actually happen in the dark corners of every society and may be at our own homes too and most of us are never aware of that. The innocent girls are being raped brutally and even killed while the rapists are still enjoying their life freely without being condemned and guilty. The girls have to go through all the physical and mental trauma and heart breaks, but no one is there to hear their cries and heal their scars. Is this the sign that we have lost our humanity? Is it that people have been turning into crazy hounds hunting and searching for their prey and grabbing whoever they get hold of? How great is it? Our country Nepal, which was once known as the nation of peace, country where Buddha was born, is now well known for acid attack cases, rape cases, protests and movements of political parties and on top of it all, we do not have our written constitution in our country. We are the citizens of the country where we have been writing our constitution for the past 4-5 years and are still writing. But sadly, there are no laws and rules against rapist instead the victims are insulted and blamed, they are asked to compromise while the culprits are released after taking a bribe of two thousand rupees. And isn’t this the matter of shame for all of us? These cruel, inhuman and heinous crimes are the threat to our pride and nation’s glory. No matter how cruel cases have occurred, the rules of our country aren’t going to be changed soon. So, we must all be responsible for our safety and fight against the government to bring changes and amend the laws. Girls, fight back and struggle. Boys, support girls and don’t rape. The growing instances of rape and attack on girls are a matter of concern for all of us; for us, for our family, for our young sisters, mothers and wives. We can be better. We are capable of being better.