Sun, 26 May, 2024

"Reading Books Evolves a Person" - DWIT Book Club

By Book Club

Art By: Sneha Parajuli

I was not into books before; I tried to get away from reading. Even thoughts of reading used to give unusual tension to my brains saying you will be bored; there is no fun in it. Friends of mine used to read novels very often. Seeing them read, sitting on the chair, leaning towards the wall, their body language, everything was so wonderful. Finally, I gave a thought of doing so. With time, the situation changed and good thing happened to me too.

When you first come to this world, everything is new and strange. You run your eyes all across the things that exist around you, familiarity starts growing. Slowly, exploration begins with you; you start hearing the sound, the echoes, smell the nature from your nose and all at once feels so pleasing for the moment. Thought process overcomes you for an instance on those aspects which you feel pleased about at the first place, then after some time it disappears.

Actually, we tend to rush over things without caring what it actually means. We get hyper, irritated, annoyed, and emotional so quickly; we don’t even bother to have control over those things. Our nature is quite different from other living beings; intelligence is what separates us from them.

We go to school and get trapped into the jaws of education which include books as a path to exist. Although, the motive remains the same for everyone, we overlook the path sometime. We are occupied by various aspects in our life, so the equal devotion and concentration goes missing.

We forget the basic aspects of realizing, reacting and remaining which we get when we first open our eyes. So, the solution which leads to evolution is reading books. A person reading books achieves more in life compared to those who don’t. There is rapid development of imagination, critical analysis and thought process in them which make them odd one out among others. Interacting and communicating skills are something everyone wishes to have but only remains as a dream, because reading books is the ultimate solution which they run away from.

Finally, book reading shapes a person’s attitude and behavior, because more the person is into something, more the person learns the fundamentals of patience and courage. I discovered this from books and I am happy that I finally changed my habit and evolved as a person whose reflection now walks happily.

Written by Book Club President: Sunil Lamsal