Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Deerwalkers Give Suggestions to People Living with "The Earthquake Fear"

By Anish Thakuri

April 25, 2015 was the blackest day in the history of our country. Everywhere we looked, there were tears, grief and fear. The country had lost many of her citizens and many of the cultural and historical heritages were damaged. Now, it's been almost 45 days that the largest tremor of magnitude 7.8 has shaken our country.  The dust from the devastation of the earthquake has slowly begun to settle. Still the country is yet to come back to normal completely. Some people are still with an uncertain fear of a bigger earthquake. So considering those people, we have gathered some suggestions from Deerwalkers. Here is what they said.

Well, DEATH is inevitable for every living being and so is another big earthquake in Nepal. But, nobody knows when exactly both of these will occur. Could be tomorrow or many decades later. All we can do is BE PREPARED. So, take all necessary precautions to face the next earthquake and take all necessary steps to have a pleasant and guilt-free to death (The next earthquake may not kill you but one thing or the other will for sure). But, most importantly, make sure you LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND WITHOUT FEAR till your last breath. Je gareni aakhirmaa kei KHYAASSINE hoina kyaara!" Parmod Kumar Rai, Vice President of Asian Operation, Deerwalk Inc.

Experts definitely point out the need to be careful regarding the possibility of another quake in western region of current first epi-center Gorkha as they claim, that for last 500 years, the region has not seen a major earthquake. Again, the current earthquake zone also has been seeing aftershocks and it defied scientific probability when the second big quake hit the same region with different epicenter. So, I recommend being careful, aware, and more training for the quake probabilities as Nepal has always been an earthquake hotspot compared to rest of the world like Japan or California.Lava Kafle, Solutions architect , Deerwalk Inc.

It's all about Psychological fear, it is obvious that some people are strong and can handle the situation bravely, whereas some are weak and vulnerable. The fact one should understand is that when you do not have control over it why havefear about it. Having said that it doesn't necessarily meant to be completely careless, however you have to learn to surmount the fear. Every single thing if you count, there is nothing which is not without fear but you can easily overcome when you are used to it. Therefore being positive and engaging your mind in something useful will definitely help you to forget all these and leads you to be confident and fearless.Ritu Raj Lamsal, Faculty Member, DWIT

“I would tell them not to be a parasite and expect help from foreigners or government rather be independent and help each other in any way possible to rise once again. So our country's condition would not be like that of Haiti's after the earthquake years ago.Anju Shahi, Student, DWIT

Nepalese people are already very frightened from the first shock. The regular aftershocks have created more fear among the people. Earthquakes cannot be predicted, but some of the predictions by some people turned out to be true. That was only  coincidence and nothing more. I know the pain is much more than I can ever imagine, but remaining under the constant threat is not a solution. That’s the curious part about time, it heals everything. Please do not let your capability go to waste because of the threat. Stay safe and aware, and do the work that makes you forget about earthquakes. Earthquake is something that cannot be anticipated. Spending time under constant threat of bigger shock is meaningless as the prospect of bigger earthquake is as much as none. Therefore, spend your time doing something meaningful that can boost your confidence and make you forget about the earthquake.Nisha Dhunguna, Student, DWIT

We cannot just go to someone and say that there will be no earthquake now, probably the best thing I would suggest is to do whatever  they are doing to live their lives normally. They should always think about their safety first because prevention is better than cure. If people are working in some cracked house, they should tell their authority to shift them somewhere safe, and always have a safety bag near you. Most people fear earthquakes coming at night, thus living in a group of family together will offer moral support. And try to involve yourself in many activities and don't prefer any rumors. Earthquakes are unpredictable.Rojina Shrestha, Student, DWIT

25th April 2015, the day devastating earthquake shocked Nepal and Nepalese people both physically and mentally. To all those who were affected I would like to tell them that it is not the end of the world it was something that couldn't be predicted nor stopped. Yes, it is hard to lose someone close,all your property, it is also hard to see your country destructed. But this is just a black day not a lifetime thing,I would urge all the people of Nepal to support those in need and to continue with their life,we should also take this as a lesson for the future and also take this as a step towards forming a new Nepal.Prayush Shrestha, Student, DWIT

Yes, There is still fear of the earthquake in our mind as well but we overcame the trauma. For those who are still in fear my suggestions are:

  • You should return back to your regular day to day activity and attempt to miss the thing that gets in your mind relating to earthquake. i.e. If you divert your mind from the thing that gives you pain, fear and suffering by doing some stuff that you were doing before or consulting the positive minded people, etc. you can overcome that feeling of pain or fear.
  • If you are trying your best to overcome but you are not able to then, I suggest you  join trauma relief programs that can change your state of mind from fear to normal.
  • It is time to be strong. The thing is if you are stronger than the world around you is strong.

Abhishek Khatiwada, Student, DWIT


Readers, feel free to give your suggestions to the people living with "The Earthquake Fear" by writing it down in the comment section below. :)