Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Raw Rhythms 3- Sucessfully Organized By Music Club

By Anmol Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Dipal Malla and Ayush Manandhar

On 14th January 2016 DWIT Music Club successfully organized their third unplugged session “RAW RHYTHMS”. The show was hosted by Music club’s president Anmol Shrestha and one of the member Shreya Acharya. This installment of RAW RHYTHMS was an all Nepali event as all the performances were in Nepali. Also students from batch of 2015 were the special guests for the evening.


The show started with a beautiful song “K Saro Ramri Vako” performed by Anil lama from Batch of 2016. The crowd was soaked with nostalgia as Abhisekh Khatiwada performed “Maya Ka Badal”. As the show went on people from Deerwalk services also joined the crowd. Bidish Acharya from Batch of 2016 gave his first every musical performance by singing "Dherai Dherai" original song by 1974 AD. His performance was truly amazing. Surprise performance from Deerwalk’s employee Hemant Tamang left the crowd amazed with his melodic voice as he entertained the crowd with old Nepali classics. As always Dipesh Bhandari brilliantly performed the song “Tmi chadai auu”. Crowd went wild as debutantes Ankit Karki and Prassidha Khadka performed “Kaha hola ghar baar” and “Euta chithi ko sahara le”. Instrumental performance by Sharun Sangat and Suyog Shreshta on "Imagine" mesmerized the crowd. At the end Music Club performed their original song “Din Haru” dedicating it to students of batch of 2015 as a farewell present.

music1 Raw Rhythms 3 became historic as there were more than 85 people enjoying the performances. All and all it was a memorable evening as Music club composed and performed farewell song for the senior batch i.e. Batch of 2015. Each performance was unique and equally entertaining. Everyone enjoyed the program.