Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Raising Voice Against Sexual Abuses

By Nikita Gautam

With the growing sexual abuse cases around the world, rallies and demonstrations have seemingly grown. Maiti Nepal is an organization renowned for its activities in rehabilitation of the sexually harassed and trafficked Nepalese women from around the globe. Maiti Nepal, in coordination with different educational institutions, has been actively participating in the 16 day rally against sexual violence in the Kathmandu valley. On the first day, a crowd of young students belonging to scout organization gathered around Gaushala area for the rally. Students carried banners against abuse. The crowd seemed excited about the campaign. Mission of this campaign is to raise a voice against violence that still prevails in our homes and society. People have been energetically participating in the campaign and it is expected to be successful in creating a difference in the society. Youth Another campaign named "Youth in Black Cap", raising voice against child sexual abuse, was held in Kathmandu valley. More than 100 youths participated in the demonstration against child sexual abuse on Friday, December 5, 2014. The demonstration was held on the streets of New Baneshwor area, with youths wearing a black cap. This campaign aimed to pressurize government to implement adequate laws to eradicate child sexual abuse from the society. This demonstration aimed to question individuals, community and the government for their negligence towards child abuse which still considerably prevails. Joint contribution of organizations namely Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) and Dynamic Youth Forum (DYF) were successful organizers of the event. It is believed that a number of non-governmental and governmental organizations will be joining hands for the future campaigns against child sexual abuse. It is an important responsibility for us either as an individual, family, friend or neighbors to be aware of the sexual abuses that are occurring around us.  Moreover, we need to participate in these kinds of rallies and campaigns which attempt to pull the society out of the reluctant zone and make the people aware of what is important to do in order to eradicate these activities from the society.