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Rai Enthuses DWITians through His Appealing Speech

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: Pramod Kumar Rai talking to DWIT students Photo Courtesy: The DeerExpress Club

On 9th April 2015, the atmosphere of Lhotse Hall at DWIT was enveloped by giggles and laughter. In addition to this, a sense of motivation touched every student present in the hall. And, the credit for all these goes to Mr. Pramod Kumar Rai.

Last Thursday, the DeerExpress Club had invited Pramod Kumar Rai as the guest speaker for the week. He currently serves as the VP, Operations (Asia) at Deerwalk Services. His speech was basically about his journey of life till date. It was one of the most captivating speeches that the DWITians were ever exposed to. Asmita Subedi, a student of third semester, remarked, “His speech is so much fun to listen to. It was actually capable of drawing the attention of every student and that is what a good talk program is all about.”

His speech clearly indicated how he is as a person. His sense of creativity, hard work and responsibility, directly or indirectly, influenced a majority of students in the hall. His love towards reading books and writing was also evident through the real life facts that he had quoted in his speech. He said, “At one point in my life, I felt that being a librarian was my aim. So, I opted for being one in a school. However, the school had no library. This somehow was a positive point for me. I took an initiative of inaugurating a library in that school.” This depicts how keen he is in following his passion. Moreover, he had taught Art and Design and Mathematics at Pennwood Academy, Kathmandu.

He started his career in the Computer Science field as a software tester in 2005 in Nepal’s largest IT company, D2Hawkeye. After some years, Rudra Pandey, the Executive Chairman at Deerwalk Inc., offered him a job at Deerwalk. Rai shared, “When I had faced Rudra Pandey in the interview, he had pledged to make me a Director some day in my career at Deerwalk. I thought he used to tell that to everyone. However, here I am today as one of the Directors at Deerwalk.” His life journey explicitly portrays that along with domain knowledge, a person also requires a great personality, hard work, good communication and management skills to move further in life.

Each and every student present inside the hall was relishing his speech. He encouraged students to be strong and determined. His successful attempt of founding a creativity club in his school and organizing different photography and art competitions can be considered to be one of the examples of his great desire and determination in life.

Sunil Shrestha, president of DeerExpress Club, said, “I really loved his learning tactics and will start doing the same in the coming days.” Similarly, Rojina Karki, third semester student, remarked, “The speech was really interesting. He is indeed a good speaker.” Shreha Regmi, another third semester student, added, “It is very hard to believe that someone wanted be a librarian just because he loves reading books. Now the love towards books for me is deeper than before.”

Towards the end of the program, Hitesh Karki, the Chief Academic Officer at DWIT, commented, “As far as I am aware, Pramod Rai is indeed a very hardworking and dedicated person. He does not start his job unless he is thoroughly clear about it and he does it in the best way he can.”

The program ended after the DeerExpress Club handed a token of appreciation to Rai for his time and a wonderful speech. The program lasted for about an hour.