Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Quality Education Is A Must

By Raju Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Education is simply the process of learning something new. The things may be related to history, sociology, art, culture, philosophy, literature, behavior or anything else. These all improves one’s knowledge and develops skills. As we all live in a competitive world, we need to improve our ability, knowledge and skill to do any kind of work which enables us to solve any sorts of problems and help us to exist in this competitive world. We find millions of educational institutions in the world which are providing education but are all these educational institutions providing quality education? I don’t think so. Most of the private institutions are opened to earn profit rather than providing quality education. Many school and colleges are on the rise and are showing different facilities like huge building, transportation facilities, rooftop canteen, parks, swimming pool, and large holding board at the top of building to attract the students but these institutions lack to provide quality education. These institutions do not have qualified and experienced teaching faculties and as a result, the students will also be unqualified to compete in the world. In my opinion, to get a quality education there should be qualified and experienced teaching faculties in addition to the extra facilities.  For quality education, there should be fixed class size, regular theory and practical classes, peaceful environment inside and outside the institution premise, technology-based teaching methodology, discipline, proper time schedule, and free of politics. To improve the quality of education, the institutions have to fulfill certain criteria like experienced faculties, teach learning methodology, peaceful environment, extra training, classroom size, low student-faculty ratio, theory and practical hours  in addition to  extra-curricular activities like sports and other. Quality education provides good skills, behavior and knowledge to develop the personality which will definitely produce qualified and competitive person to compete against every problem so that it makes their life meaningful. learning Quality education is essential for getting any type of job, build a career and in many cases, it makes a difference in our living standard. In today’s competitive world, education is essential for every man after food, clothes and shelter but that education should be qualitative rather than quantitative so that the upcoming product will be able to solve any social, economic, political and cultural problems. At last, I think that if we are unable to provide quality education then we cannot imagine development in our society and country as we all know that today’s generation will play a great role towards the development of our country in the near future.