Fri, 24 May, 2024

Pursuit of Happyness- Face Struggles with Smiles

By Nikita Gautam

"Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life"- Omar Khayyam  Pursuing happiness is all close to tracking down pocket full of pleasant emotions. In every man's life he/she goes through tough times.  It is our choice either to give up and live in a pond of sorrow or to fight and make every single second of our life beautiful. Pursuit of Happyness is Will Smith's realistic movie inspired by a true story, which draws down the wrestle of Chris Gardener's life to victory, satisfaction and solidity inside his family. The main character of the story is Chris Gardner, who has a wife and a little son, whom Chris loves the most.  The movie not only pictures the amazing reflection of the character itself but as well as reflects the spectacular teachings that he gives to his son in the movie. It is a pleasant experience to watch a deep-seated story reflecting sincere love and battle against a bitter life. It is an entertaining movie, which mirrors upon the inelegant and graceless truth of poverty. Not all men manage to grow into Chris Gardener, a man who finds his own stock broking firm and becomes rich. Chris is a salesman who invests his entire life savings into a bone density scanner. He is capable to sell most of them, but not able to fulfill the financial demands of his family. His wife works extra shifts, but still they struggle for food and a good life. His wife becomes mentally tired and gets irritated towards Chris for doing all the things out on her own and still taking care of their son.  They both care and love their son, but their financial condition finally erodes their relationship. While trying to sell one of his scanners, he meets a manager of a stock broking company (Dean Witter Reynolds) and impresses him by solving the Rubik's cube.  His relationship with this man gives him an opportunity to be selected among the 20 interns as a stockbroker to the company. But a night before his interview, he gets sanctioned in jail for an entire night and arrives to the interview with scruffy clothes.  He does not get paid for the internship though, which leads his wife to move from the city and leave their son with his father. Because of his financial conditions, Chris and his son are forced to leave their house. They become homeless and Chris ends up with $30 and is obligated to stay in a restroom in a subway station or sometimes in a homeless shelter as well. He then pursues to sell his scanners, which is the only way to earn money and survive. After all the struggles and robbery he faces, he manages to sell them all. He struggles with his limited hours of work and potentially develops strategies to reach out to the clients. He faces numerous challenges with his life, from his struggle to survive to his psychological pain but never complains. His hard work finally gets him the piece of success, i.e. he gets a full time position in the company as a stockbroker. The story ends in an emotional manner, as Chris rushing down to his son's Daycare to share his happiness with him. This is a moving story of a man who manages to get over all his difficulties with a smile. Never lose your hope in times of suffering and never be overconfident in times of happiness. These are parts of life that every man on this earth must live with. You know the true meaning of life if you have experienced the worst of what life can give you.  Life will always torment you, but the misery will make you grow. One should learn to tackle and handle these changing challenges of life. If one is able to do so, no one can defeat him/her. "Pursuit of Happyness" is an inspirational movie. There is a lot to learn from each character in the movie. I recommend all of you to watch and learn the bitter truth of life.