Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Prisoner of War

By Arjun Dahal

Dreams, far beyond my imagination, My family, now what has become my destination, I'm suffocating in these bars, While my plebian victors cheer for celebration. No sunlight warmth, not the adequate meal, Still, the commander thrashes us with his insanity. Locked inside the prison all day long, Body's been mauled, where's the humanity? The vow I took to serve my country, Now has become curse in me, Life miserable than that of slave, It's just a matter of time when you're in the war zone. A rifle in a hand, circled by the foes, Put the breath on line, watch every moment as it goes, For me, freedom now seems to be a history, Showers of blood have ruined my life. Lord, show me the purgatory. Inside these bars, death seems to come closer and nearer. I wanna be out, I wanna be free. I don't wanna stay any longer as a war prisoner.     This merciless world is even worst than hell. Nowhere to go, nowhere to quench the thirst, Freeze by cold, cracked limbs, Heat of hatred, sufferings and the mind starts to boil. Friends and families come in front of my blurred vision, Helpless body brutally suffered from starvation. Wings of pain has firmly grasped me on its hand, A living dead life brought by Armageddon. To a place ruled by human demons, I wanna be free and feel the atmosphere once again, Embracing the happiness and feel to be man again, Cause I have learned, War is the place where the hell begins.

About Author: Arjun Dahal is an undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus(4th year). His keen interests lie in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His English works have appeared/forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Yellow Chair Review, and DWIT News. His Nepali Poems have appeared in's Digital Newspaper, Mirmire Online, Motivate News,  Salleri Khabar, Truth Nepal, Himalayan Kangaroo, and Darpan Sansaar.