Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Prisma: The New You!

By Saras Karanjit

Things don’t take a lot of time to trend these days. It seems surprising at times how the smallest or weirdest of things can take over the internet overnight. It’s no surprise that the use of social media websites has been the primary cause behind these overnight trends. From pictures of random complications to any kind of new events, we have seen things getting viral on the internet quite fast these days. Pokemon GO, for instance, was an app that millions of users got addicted to in no time at all. Likewise, there was a new mobile application launched recently called “Prisma” which basically is a photo editor app that has become a sensation among the social media world.

Prisma transforms any clicked or selected photo into artworks using styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. This app uses the unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence which turns memories into beautiful art pieces. Developed by Prisma Labs, Inc., it was initially released only for iOS and later, in a few days, it was globally launched for androids as well. The delay for the android launch might have also helped to build curiosity among the people about the app and given a bit of hype to it.

Now that this app is available, there have been mixed comments coming from the different types of users. Some have liked it so much that they have filled every social site possible with it while others have not missed a chance to criticize whenever possible. Although this app has got about 30 photo filters, which might seem like a considerable selection at first, but compared to other editor apps, it’s not really much if you think about it, especially if one can’t find a suitable effect. Also, in a weak internet connection, errors often pop out with overload of servers. Nevertheless, it’s a quick and handy app which can produce artistic pictures in under a minute.

Image: Saras Karanjit