Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Price Rise in Deerwalk Canteen

By Aabishkar Pandey

  There is no doubt that the Deerwalk Foods had been serving good quality food at a reasonable price. But the price of food has hiked since 3 Feb, 2018 which is rather unusual and most of the students are quite unhappy with the changes made with the prices. There has been an increment of about 15% on the previous price. This has seriously affected the students since most of the students solely depend upon the canteen for their meal.

The price rise was definitely not something that was expected and such a sudden rise in price has hampered my expense budget as well.” ~Shubham Joshi '21
Considering the fact that the canteen has been serving good quality food and market prices for various items are fluctuating on a daily basis, it is somewhat reasonable to increase the price. But such a sudden rise has discouraged many students from ordering food from the college canteen. They are driven towards cafes located in Sifal community.  
Well, since the price rise I have found myself going out of Deerwalk premises for my lunch. Hope this issue gets resolved soon” ~Aayushree Sapkota '21
This issue has also led to the formation of Canteen Improvement Committee. “Committee will comprise of admins and class representatives from the various batch. Also, regular meetings will be conducted to maintain the quality of food and management of the canteen,” says Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer of DWIT. In my opinion, it is fine for the prices to rise a little bit, but not significantly since it can hamper the expense budget of many students who are dependent upon the canteen for food. The canteen management should properly address the problem and take essential initiatives to resolve the issue.