Tue, 30 May, 2023

Pressure and Hardship

By Navaraj Kharel

Spoon-fed generation, is what our generation is. We are totally unaware about the correlation between pressure and responsibility. The real world, that is waiting for us, doesn't run on the flashiness and and glamour we think it will be. Pressure is something we all go through at some point in our life and it helps us to evolve through time.

We all are forced to make decisions in our life and the decision we make in our 20’s play a crucial role as this is a pivotal part of our life. Decisions that we make will last with us for tomorrow and beyond.

Time management and how to deal with pressure and responsibility are inseparable and both go hand-in-hand. If we could master these two things during our college life then success will not be a big deal.In case if we could not master this art, we will just remain a common middle man who works from 9 to 5 pm like a donkey, praying that we will not have any shortage of money at the end of the month. Just embrace the pressure life gives you and hook it with full coercion then we can get into the real world; real world is not a piece of cake. Spending Rs 1,000,000 in some reputed university and having a notion that we will land on a job of at least Rs 50,000 is just a figment flight of fancy. Nothing is easy, especially the method of acquiring money.

Pressure is a basic need of life. It is something that whirls us every single day to achieve more and to do better and greater things. There is a famous quote, “Pressure is what makes diamond out of a coal. But every coal is not converted into diamond, only those that can resist the pressure through certain span of time, turn into precious diamond otherwise just crumble and change into dust.”

It is not only the role of pressure that we are bestowed with but how we decide to encounter that and channel it for good reasons. Different people have different level and different ways to handle pressure. Those who cannot are faded and stronger ones rise up. Those who rise up turn themselves into leaders and superior amongst the human population and those who cannot, remain a middle man.

DWIT, also stands out from the crowd in the IT colleges in Nepal. This is the place where a students find themselves in great pressure and responsibility. It increases as time goes on. One is involved in various kinds of activities inside the college. That is what DWIT expects of its students. DWIT even provides the opportunity for internship to the deserving students in DWS, a leading software company of Nepal. Fortunate are those who get the chance to explore themselves in the real world at such an early phase. Living with the pressure of study, work and various other activities during student life is a challenging task. Previously the working hour for students used to be less but now it has been increased and fixed up to no less than 20 hours per week. Interns need to work 20 hours per week and manage everything without hampering their studies. So, here comes the art of time management. Those who can handle  and channel it beautifully will certainly get the best opportunities of their life. Some of the students who were doing internships expressed their feelings about the increased working hours:

Ruby Shrestha from the batch of 2017 says, “That email of Bijaya Sir vibed a sense of strong command which is in fact necessary when a person stands in such a post. But I hope decisions stay reasonable and do not get out of control. I will try my level best to do what is expected.”

Bimal Gaire from the batch of 2016 says, “So far, the internship program has been really interesting for me. There is always something new to explore. It has been almost one and half years since I have joined for the internship, so I have adapted to the environment quite well. As for the 20 hours work thing, I don't think we need to exactly do it for 20 hours. I will do my best but the quality of work doesn't depend only on the number of hours worked. To be honest, 15 hours would be more reasonable considering our college schedule. Nonetheless, I can work for 20 hours per week if it really comes to that. Actually, the change in reporting manager won't make a big difference in the environment. Hope he does the best from his side. Alok Sir was up to his task as the reporting manager so I expect the same from Bijay Sir too. I expect Bijay Sir to be more flexible than Alok Sir.”

Sagar Giri from the batch of 2016 says, “It's challenging for us to make it to 20 hours per week. We have to bunk the classes to make it to 20 hours. Also, the working hour depends upon what type of work you do? I work in the Makalu Plan Analytics product. Every day I skip my snacks time and go to work at 3.30 (My class ends at 3.20) and work up to 6:45PM/ 7PM and after that, our server is turned off (at 7PM). So, working 3 hours a day for 5 days makes it 15 hours (approximately). Also, we can't work on Saturdays and Sundays since the server is off, and our mentors won't be available at those times. So, it's a tough for me to make it to 20 hours per week without skipping classes.But since I have always believed in hard work has a greater payoff in future I will certainly give my best shot at it.

Life is not a piece of cake and we will never have everything as soon as we want. It takes time and rest on how much pressure are willing to give upon ourselves to test our limits. Embracing pressure and deforming will either crumble us into pieces of coal or turn into diamonds. Certainly those people who will be able to handle so much of pressure in the college life will have a different place as superior being and leaders amongst human population. And If DWIT is providing us with the chance to prove something then why not try to grab. Life is a diplomatic game, be a politician and win it.