Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Present-Day Dashain

By Shreya Sapkota

Photo: Adventure Nepal Eco Trek
Dashain is one of the most anticipated festivals for the Nepalese. People of all ages are looking forward to Dashain. Some are waiting to rejoice and spend time with their families, some for the break and the rest they get in this holiday and some for the pujas and the auspicious significance of Dashain. The meaning of Dashain has lost a lot of its essence over the years. Dashain was one of the greatest festivals of all time. People used to travel a long distance just to receive tikka and blessings. But now people hardly try to even visit their own parents. Dashain has just become the time to stay home from work and relax. Due to modernization, a lot of Dashain’s essence has vanished. The major aspects such as flying kites and hanging swings have been so scarce and are barely seen. Not only that Dashain used to be about chanting rites and mantras but all that has been shortened to a two to three minute of putting tikkas and going your way. Also, Dashain has been so much influenced that all Dashain has become is time for gambling and drinking. The changes in the way we celebrate Dashain is so prominent that I miss the Dashain of earlier times. I would definitely want to go back and celebrate a Dashain with swing and kites, receiving tikka from all of my relatives from different parts of Nepal and importantly by performing each day of Dashain as per tradition.