Sun, 26 May, 2024

Preparation for IT4D in Full Swing

By Shreya Sapkota

  E-learning is the process of learning with the utilization of electronic devices and networks, different from the traditional learning way and much more beneficial in this modern age. The advancement of this technique should be encouraged and favored as e-learning aids in the development of various sectors. The international conference, IT4D that is to be held in July aims to do the very thing, to encourage e-learning with the theme “e-learning for development.” IT4D is one such platform which is anticipated by researchers, practitioners, policy makers, students and development workers, especially those in the field of Information Technology. The preparation of this major event has already begun and the organizers are engrossed in the act of promoting the conference. On April 11, DWIT organized an “Undergraduate College Meet” with the aim to familiarize the student with IT4D and encourage them for their active participation in the conference. About twenty participants took part in this brief session where the environment was very positive and interactive.

“The Undergraduate College Meet was held to make the students aware that IT4D is an in platform to showcase their innovative ideas, and research-based project which helps to improve their research abilities and reach out to international forum and the response was really good,” says Mr. Ritu Raj Lamsal, event organizer
With the promotion, success, and influence of the earlier event, IT4D this year shows a lot of promise of being even better and productive. Mr. Lamsal also added that this year, the response among the students were also quite better and interesting. “There were a lot of request and abstracts were sent so that their paper would be included in the conference,” says Mr. Lamsal. The Undergraduate College Meet was a very eventful program which helped in promoting the IT4D conference and sparked an interest among many people. Mr. Lamsal mentions that another approach was also made to promote IT4D during the workshop conducted by CSIT Alumni of Tribhuwan University. “The people were happy and impressed with the idea. They even encouraged that more such events should be organized and promoted. This is just a beginning and hopefully, more events like these will be organized,” Mr. Lamsal added. Edited By - Aakankshya Shrestha