Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Power Workshop Session III Started

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Sailesh Bajracharya assisting a student during the workshop session All Photos by Bijay Kumar Shrestha

With the aim of bringing together DWIT students of different levels and Deerwalk Services IT professionals to engage in rich discussions on various IT courses, DWIT has organized power workshops from 15th of August.

 This is the third time DWIT has organized such workshops.  This time, the power workshop includes six different categories:


-C# .NET





Each course will last for a minimum of 12 hours spanning 4 weeks. For each course, 12 students have been selected and a mentor has been assigned to guide the students. Mentors selected the participants among the applicants. To make it easy to handle the workshop and to ease communication with the mentors, Course Representatives have been selected from among the participants for each group. The workshop for Animation and C#.NET was started from 15th August, but as a whole, the workshop began from 22nd August and it will end by 12th September, 2015. This workshop is similar to Power Workshop Session II, but courses like JAVA, Android Programming and QA have been filtered out and the new courses such as PHP, C#.NET and Python have been included. DWS professionals teach all the courses except PHP, which is taught by an IT professional from Verisk IT. [gallery ids="8212,8211,8210,8206" orderby="rand"] Here is the opinion of the participants about the first class of the workshop. "I definitely am enjoying this season of power workshop. Maybe it's because I am enrolled in animation--, it's always fun to play around with media tools. By the end of this workshop, I want to be familiar with graphics designing and animation software and possibly be able to use it to illustrate my ideas. Comparing it with previous workshop sessions, I don't think there's much difference. Let's just say, I am more excited to attend the next session of Animation class than I was to attend the JAVA classes in the last workshop season." – Bidish Acharya, Sixth Semester Student, Enrolled in AnimationPower Workshop is interesting. The first day was quite fun and I learned something new. It might not teach us everything about the topic, which is C#, but I believe that I will get some basic idea about Visual C#.– Biplav Shrestha, Second Semester Student, Enrolled in C# .NET

I am in C# workshop. Last session of the workshop was awesome. Awesome because I enjoyed the session. There was something new to learn and knowledge that will surely be used sometime, somewhere, someplace, somehow in future. Moreover, the way Milan Sir (Tutor of C# workshop) explained the topic covered in the first session was excellent. My expectation from this workshop is to gain basic idea of how C# works and be familiar with this language. Yeah, it's a bit different from the last session since the way Milan sir is conducting the session is excellent.” – Abhishek Gupta, Sixth Semester Student, Enrolled in C#.NET

Never thought learning Python could be so much fun. Basics of C programming played a vital role in it. Printing hello world in Python followed by learning python basics made my first day of this workshop interesting. Mentors were interactive and I hope I can learn a lot from this workshop.” –Abhisekh Khatiwada, Second Semester Student, Enrolled in PythonThe last session was good enough. We did not jump right into programming in C# but were taught about the nature of language itself. Currently, we are slowly moving towards the basics of programming in C# and the session is going smoothly. The plus point is that our mentor is interactive enough and helps us get creative ideas on application development using C#. I expect to learn to build a helpful (though simple) Windows Application by the end of this workshop. Being a part of workshops like these is good because we get to learn new stuff. Learning new things is always fun, at least for me!” Ruby Shrestha, Fourth Semester Student, Enrolled in C#.NET All the students attending this workshop are expecting to learn a lot from this workshop so that they can continue on their ideas and projects. I hope all their expectations will be fulfilled by the end of this workshop.