Tue, 30 May, 2023

Power Workshop-Session II Successfully Completes

By Ruby Shrestha

Photo Courtesy: DWIT Administration The DWIT Power Workshop-Session II, which commenced on 20th December 2014 with the purpose of guiding the IT students on a total of six different Computer Science dimensions, ended on Saturday, 10th January 2015. So far, this was the second power workshop conducted by DWIT. However, it was the first DWIT-organized power workshop in which a total of 10 students studying B.Sc. CSIT in government colleges, viz. Patan Campus and Amrit Science Campus, were provided opportunity to participate in, by granting them with a scholarship of Rs. 10,500 each. “We are working towards fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and we will be time and again looking forward to helping the students of not only our college, but also those of other colleges through our programs,” said one of the Administration members at DWIT. The students of other colleges who participated in the workshop along with the DWIT students were satisfied with the entire four weeks long session and positively remarked that it was ‘worth their time’. Nabina Kafle studying B.Sc. CSIT at Amrit Science Campus, who participated in the Quality Control and Assurance workshop, said with full confidence, “I am ready to face any interview in future related to testing.” Anup Giri studying the same course at Patan Campus, who attended the same workshop as Nabina, commented, “Whatever I had expected before joining the workshop is fulfilled. I feel lucky to have been selected!” Furthermore, Tapan B.K. and Binay Bhattarai, from Amrit Science Campus and Patan Campus respectively, who participated in the MS-SQL workshop, mentioned, “DWIT is doing a great job by helping students from other colleges as well to gain knowledge from the educational workshops. We are satisfied with the management at DWIT.” The workshops were conducted with a good flow. Nevertheless, the students have some suggestions which DWIT Administration can ponder upon. Binay Bhattarai and Shreha Regmi, a third semester B.Sc. CSIT student at DWIT, recommended that the four week long session can be extended to fit in a longer time frame so that the students involved can gain much more from the mentors. Moreover, Tapan B.K. and Nabina Kafle suggested that the sessions would have been more fruitful if the students of similar knowledge base were taught in a group so that they could all start from the same advancement level of the course. Moreover, Tapan also mentioned that DWIT can make occasional visits to colleges, like the one he studies in, for seminars and share the importance of conducting such workshops and educational events. Overall, the Power Workshop – Session II completed on a good note. DWIT Students Now Set Off to Yet Another Workshop Journey With the completion of the four weeks long power workshop, DWIT has set off with yet another workshop. This workshop, which started from Sunday, 11th January 2015, is intended to cover the Harvard CS50 course and has been organized by DWIT for its students. Sudarshan Guruacharya, Ph. D. from Nanyang Technological University, who has been selected to mentor the students who participate in the workshop, mentions, “The objective of the course is to teach you how to learn different programming languages. The objective is not to make you experts but to make you knowledgeable and confident enough to learn on your own.”