Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Power of Words

By Ruby Shrestha

I was surfing the web and was strolling through Google when I suddenly came across something I consider a really serious issue. It was something amazing, idiotically amazing by the way. There in Google, I saw, as an informal meaning of the term frail, which literally means weak or vulnerable or incapacitated, was “woman”. Seriously! At the very first sight of this, the first word that slipped off my mouth was “What!?” I don’t feel like mentioning the words that followed. But candidly speaking, that sight was disappointing, for me at least! People keep trumpeting time and again that “Men and Women are equal”. However, the disparity has not yet waved goodbye to our minds, which tend to control our actions and knit our perceptions. May it be to a profound level or to a minimal level or whatever level may it be, the blemish of discrimination has not yet been erased from our minds and our society. Even today women are treated as subsidiaries, are dominated, ruled upon or overlooked. You might not feel the evil vibes of discrimination if you’re staying somewhere unconventional. Step into a village, or an orthodox town and you’ll get the feel; you’ll know how stringent people are about difference in treatment based on gender, you’ll know what women have to bear. Simply put, you’ll know their pain! I came up with the following piece when I placed myself in the shoes of one of such discriminated ladies. Here it goes! “SHE” Yes, I have opinions But I fail to convey The reason’s the dominion That he portrays Incompetent I feel I feel inept I wonder when I’ll peal The inferiority that I’ve kept My existence is limited My voice suppressed My will to live inhibited My soul depressed Ugh! Continuous humiliation It’s preventing me from any initiation Snatching my liberation, crumbling my elation Leading to nothing, but frustration! Is being “SHE” a disgrace? Or, does being “HE” makes one great? This biases, why embrace? This biases, let’s abate!