Wed, 04 Oct, 2023

Power Button Damaged? Why Worry?

By Ankit Pradhan

Mobile phones definitely come with a number of benefits. However, roses do have thorns. Similarly, mobile phones do sometimes prick us with problems some of which are difficult to understand while some are infuriating because of their nature. We face different problems in our daily life while using our mobile phones. Many of us have faced problems as a result of the power button not working. Usually, the power button loses its functionality either because it has been damaged or because it gets stuck. So what can you do if this happens? Keep trying until you fingers hurt, or keep trying until you get really pissed off? We all get stuck if the power button gets broken. We think that we are in no position to use our phone again until it gets repaired. We don’t find any other feasible option in our hands than to go to the repair center. This obviously costs us. And sometimes, to our dismay, the professionals out there, in the repair center, tell us that our cell phone is in no state of being repaired. We all think that it would be more easy and free of charge if there was an application that could solve this problem. Rejoice! To solve such problems, there are indeed some applications. To use these apps, you should download and install them on your mobile. Power Button to Volume Button: This app allows users to turn on and off their mobiles through volume button. This app is compatible with most of the Android smartphones. To use this app, download this app from Android Playstore. For the very first time, the system must be restarted or rebooted. From then on, volume button is pressed to turn on the mobile. However, to turn it off, you will have to find a turn off screen button in your notification bar. After the mobile is turned on, the volume button will start working as it normally does. The volume of your mobile can be controlled using the same volume button again. But this application has a major drawback – it consumes more power and you will experience major battery drain. Since the volume button is used as substitute, there is no workaround for this problem as mentioned by the developer in the Playstore. Gravity Unlock: This app uses sensors to determine the orientation of your phone. When it detects that we are holding our phone or if we put our phone in flat surface than the screen is turned on automatically. Gravity Unlock works with sensors and it may vary from mobile to mobile. You may configure the sensor’s sensitivity and the angles at which the phone is turned off or on. As mentioned by the developer, there will not be any kind of serious drain of battery, but it may impact the battery life. Proximity Actions: It is another app that can be used to trigger specific actions using proximity sensors of our phones. Proximity sensor is located just near phone’s earpiece. It looks like the front camera. It is because of these sensors that our phone turns on its screen when we put it beside our cheek while making a call. You can configure the Proximity Actions by opening it and going to Hold Actions. This will give different options to configure the power on and off. For example, if you want to turn your screen on or off by just put your finger in proximity sensor, configure the actions accordingly. This feature can be used for other commands as well. This app is useful only for those mobiles that have such sensors. Applications like these are certainly bliss for our phones. Why not use them, right?